My Article Read (2-28-2015)


Soldiers, Newspaper2


  1. The Good… The Bad… and the Fugly!

  2. Hey, Islamist Apologists: Will You Take the Crusader Challenge?

  3. Faith is . . .

  4. Reward

  5. True prophets: John sees Jesus as Jesus is

  6. My most popular posts

  7. Rain

  8. Coincidence?

  9. Quote Of The Day — February 28, 2015

  10. About Time THIS Happened

  11. Obama Shows His Thug Side

  12. Are Washington Republicans Incompetent? Mitch McConnell Damn Sure Is!

  13. House Votes Down Stop-Gap DHS Funding Bill

  14. ‘Lying hacks’: Campus rape reporting ‘hit piece’ on Scott Walker implodes

  15. ‘That’s your apology?’ Reporter of debunked Scott Walker hit piece remains ‘rather indignant’

  16. Happy Caturday

  17. Obama mulls plan to ban ‘nearly all’ trigger fingers


  19. Remembering the Fairness Doctrine

  20. Please…my fellow Virginians; do not be swayed in favor of “Net Neutrality”

  21. Obama, FCC, The Internet And A 1934 Law

  22. Legislative Fix

  23. Net “Neutrality”: Turning The Internet Into MSNBC

  24. Nothing Without Love

  25. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  26. High Times – Colorado First Year Weed Stats: 148,000 lbs Sold in 2014 – Cannabis, Weed, Dope, Pot, Mary-Jane, Doobies….

  27. Sunday morning smile

  28. 241 jobs lost at ABC as Abbotts budget cuts bite

  29. Tasmania cuts 668 public sector jobs

  30. Tea party talks CPAC walkout on Jeb Bush; Laura Ingraham rouses crowd with vicious attack

  31. Christian protesters disrupt ‘Muslim Day’ with Lord’s Prayer in Oklahoma capital

  32. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.28.15

  33. Three GOP Turncoats Graham , Hatch & Flake Advance Lynch Nomination For AG

  34. Can’t Make It To Holman Square Protest Today ? Anonymous Shows How You Can Take Part On Twitter: #OPGitmo2Chicago

  35. Ripped Off Residence Recovered In Oregon

  36. Affirmative action in action as applied to SAT scores

  37. King Solomon’s Upright Woman Test, Part 1

  38. Fallen for the Light

  39. Defense Intelligence Told NOT To Update Obama on bin Laden Documents

  40. Jeb Bush: CPAC 2015 Immigration Transcript

  41. Featured Photographer: Dian Karlina

  42. The doors will open…..

  43. God extends His hand at night—–

  44. “That’s What Faith Can Do”

  45. News in review 2/27

  46. Something all Christians need to think about

  47. Psalms 44:6-7 (Put Down Your Sword)

  48. The End Justifies The Means

  49. Tweet of the Day: No one will believe this…

  50. Don’t Go Changin’

  51. And for President.. guess who

  52. This is how communist dictatorships deal with the opposition. No wonder the Republicans are so timid.

  53. BRAVO!

  54. Classic Russian Propaganda on RT

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