My Article Read (2-27-2015)


Soldiers, Newspaper1


  1. Divorce and remarriage. Matthew 19:3-9

  2. Maybe God Is Not Boring Maybe You Are

  3. Your Secret Weapon

  4. Does the Church Have a Heart Problem?

  5. Another Free Food Friday: Win a Legacy Foods Breakfast Bucket

  6. Conservative vote ‘locked up’! ‘Anti-endorsement’ from former McCain aide deemed great news for Scott Walker

  7. ‘Oceans of blood on his hands’: Garry Kasparov blames Putin for Boris Nemtsov murder

  8. ‘They shot Nemtsov. He is dead.’ Fierce Putin critic reportedly gunned down in Moscow

  9. Despite walkout, Jeb Bush stands by policies at CPAC, urges path to citizenship

  10. ‘I loved him like a brother’: William Shatner remembers his good friend Leonard Nimoy

  11. We like Springs and Yellow Things

  12. Mercury falling

  13. Saturday morning smile

  14. Lois Lerner smoking gun- “potential criminal activity”

  15. Why some conservatives are wavering on Tony Abbott

  16. Rewards

  17. Art of Etienne Pirot

  18. Win a Hawk Eye II Pilotur Watch As a Thanks for Reading

  19. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  20. Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews

  21. James O’Keefe Follows Up On Al Sharpton Story….

  22. The “Random Folks” Weren’t So “Random” – Paris Details Reveal Islamist Gunman Asked Religion Of Hostages Then Killed The Jews….

  23. The Immortal Vagina

  24. Encountering God in Africa: A Memoir- Chapter 5

  25. Quote Of The Day — February 27, 2015

  26. Tea Party’s Answer to Coexist Bumper Stickers

  27. Jeb Bush: Americans are losers

  28. Then why don’t you follow me?

  29. Isn’t faith just for the stupid and gullible?

  30. A View God’s Passion in the Eyes of the Mentally Ill

  31. Commissioning – SoS Saturday

  32. HE LIFTS US UP: Secret Angel Ministry’s Aaron’s Rod with “Love”

  33. The Days of Noah

  34. The Soul is Forever

  35. Pictures From Blog Bash at #CPAC2015

  36. Hillary Clinton of the FCC’s move: ‘It’s a foot in the door’

  37. Friday’s Fiction

  38. O’ God, I, seek divine guidance

  39. The Rules of Engagement

  40. Quote of the Day, Climate Change and Real Science edition

  41. #Obamacare chronicles: People refusing to pay the fine?

  42. After 60 years, I Came to Really Know My Dad On November 20, 2012

  43. Rice decries politics of Bibi’s visit

  44. Smiling piles of poop, what passes for art today, and what’s up with the trolls?…

  45. Will the Internet only be Regulated or Shut down?


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