My Article Read (2-26-2015)


Soldiers, Newspaper


  1. Seeking Grief Relief . . .

  2. Thanks For Asking!


  4. RISE OF THE DRONES: Paris Night Drone Mystery Deepens

  5. Interview with Author Debbie Manber Kupfer

  6. Torn

  7. Barronelle Stutzman turns down deal from Washington attorney general

  8. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

  9. ‘Nailed it!’ Martha MacCallum lays the ‘Jihadi John’ truth-boom down on Marie Harf

  10. ‘I can’t listen to her’: Dean Cain slams Susan Rice for shameful remarks on Netanyahu

  11. Andy Richter has the key to stopping print journalism’s impending death [photo]


  13. Quote Of The Day — February 26, 2015

  14. Taylor Swift is stalkin’ him (Ray Stevens)

  15. 4 Down, 192 To Go.

  16. Soros Strikes AGAIN.

  17. Branco Cartoon – It Takes A Village

  18. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.26.15

  19. First Western Volunteer , Aussie Ashley Kent Johnson , Killed Fighting ISIS In Syria

  20. Even As The First Western Volunteer Dies Fighting ISIS Hundreds More Arise Funded By Christians The World Over

  21. Very Cool Time Lapse Video Of East River Boat Traffic Amidst The Ice

  22. HE LIFTS US UP: The New Moral Code?

  23. The Days of Noah

  24. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  25. Al Sharptongue Being Removed From MSNBC ?

  26. Clinton DID Take Money While Secretary of State – Hillary Has A Serious ‘Conflict Of Interest’ Problem…

  27. What Happened to Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood?

  28. 7 Reasons Modern Christian Debates Are Worthless

  29. My Alternate Reality

  30. Compassion Crosses the Street

  31. Friday morning smile

  32. Jihadi John- We know who the coward is

  33. State Department’s greatest hits: Kerry, Rice’s keen insight

  34. This Voting American Blog will not be Silenced by Net Neutrality Spambots!

  35. Guest Challenge: Restoration

  36. Wounds Of Abuse: “Stupid!”

  37. What’s On The Tip Of Your Tongue?

  38. God gives and forgives

  39. State Dept. misled on another Benghazi attack?

  40. I like writing about God and punching people in the face

  41. Down to heaven

  42. The true face of grace……

  43. Be a Encourager in Other’s Change for the Good!

  44. Hillary Clinton wants to run as the candidate with girly parts…

  45. ‘Tell children lies and watch hate grow

  46. The Changing of the Guards is Coming!


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