My Article Read (2-24-2015)


Soldier, newspaper

  1. When God Seems Distant

  2. Fiddling While the Church Burns–Some Fun With a Tall Tale

  3. The Key To Personal Freedom

  4. 10 New Steps for Living a Strategic Life

  5. Monday’s Word: Listening

  6. ‘50 Shades of Green’? IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri calls it quits amid sexual harassment allegations

  7. Afraid for his life? Now we know why… New James O’Keefe video goes after Al Sharpton. He’s ‘all about the money’!

  8. ‘YAAAAAAYYYYY’: Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill, makes Mother Jones’ day

  9. Prog war: Patricia Arquette fires back at liberal critics of her equal-pay Oscars speech

  10. #Obamacare Chronicles: If you paid a penalty for 2014, you may already owe one for 2015

  11. Morons. We have morons on our team, national secrets edition

  12. Fiesta… Lost.

  13. Test for travelers: Asia

  14. Quotes about women

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: Broken?? You Can Overcome!

  16. Pray for Syrian Christians abducted by Islamist radicals

  17. Quote Of The Day — February 24, 2015

  18. N&F Poll: How Upset Are You Over the Defunding of DHS?

  19. Al Sharpton: Show Me the Money

  20. 24 Hours to Live

  21. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  22. Democrat FCC Commissioner Backtracks On Net Neutrality Proposal….

  23. Wednesday morning smile

  24. Submission to polling no way to do politics

  25. List of countries that have committed to military action against ISIS

  26. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai on Net Neutrality

  27. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.24.15

  28. Open Borders For Illegals Means Open Season On Citizens … Ask Dan Golvach

  29. Gov Jindal Gives Voice To What We All Know: Obama Is Unfit To Lead

  30. Medical Scans Reveal Mummified Body Inside 1,000 Year-Old Buddha Statue

  31. “Job-Deprived” ISIS Muslims Kidnap 90 Assyrian Christians In Quest For Meaningful Employment

  32. The Game is Rigged

  33. Facing the Giants

  34. King Solomon, Psychological Set, Atheism

  35. God Wants You to Become One of These!

  36. Mark 7:18 (It Is Not About The Food)

  37. Obama: ‘That’s just how White folks will do you’

  38. Unspoken Words

  39. HE LIFTS US UP: TRUST… (Psalm 37:5)

  40. “I’m Doing The Best I Can”

  41. Death follows———-

  42. Why Listening Is So Hard and What You Can Do About It


  44. These people said what I’m thinking…

  45. High times in Alaska now…

  46. When Politics and Church become Vanity

  47. When you know that you know and you really didn’t want to know that much

  48. I resemble this remark.

  49. He’s a crook

  50. An ANSWER to the LAW KEEPERS

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