My Article Read (2-22-2015) (2-23-2015)


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  1. Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

  2. Show me Your ways, Yahweh . . .

  3. Rule of Thirds

  4. perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this

  5. Freedom 19 (hemi- demi- semi Final)

  6. ‘Stay safe’: James O’Keefe hints at another ground-breaker

  7. The Federalist’s Sean Davis unloads on media’s Giuliani obsession; What about these scandals?

  8. ‘Media is working in a coordinated fashion’: Citizens see through the double standard-ridden Scott Walker outrage

  9. ‘Hero:’ Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat and bodyguards overpower knife-wielding attacker [video, photos]

  10. Media inquisition rooting out heretical views about Obama’s faith

  11. Where Life is Safe

  12. Unearned Grace

  13. It’s All About You

  14. Drifting

  15. Joyful ‘Toons – Deadweight

  16. Nuggets – The Healing Ministry of Jesus

  17. Wanted: a philosophy that honors both ends of life

  18. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.22.15

  19. House Committee Demands FCC/Obama Emails Re: “Net Neutrality”

  20. Google: FBI Plan For Digital Search Warrants Is A “Monumental Constitutional Threat”

  21. Obama & Dems Have Presided Over Worst Economic Growth In Six Decades

  22. Obama Takes Credit For Low Gas Prices…Again

  23. ‘Incredibly childish’ Obama White House plotting ways to dis Netanyahu visit

  24. Scott Walker schools the Washington Post with perfect answer to, ‘Is Obama Christian?’

  25. Earnest confronted head on: How is it OK for hypocrite Obama to call Bush ‘unpatriotic’?

  26. No hate crime charges for Detroit Muslim who stabbed 2 after asking them their religion

  27. Who created symmetry?

  28. About equal rights

  29. Quote Of The Day — February 22, 2015

  30. O.K., Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

  31. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Camp Hometown Heroes

  32. Globe and Mail Want a Prison Visit With Omar Khadr…. WHY?

  33. You KNEW This Was Coming

  34. ‘Noxious Rant: Chip Technology & Credit Cards

  35. Sunday respite: Let It Go (Disney’s “Frozen”) Vivaldi’s Winter

  36. Jakarta..oh Jakarta…

  37. Family Planning

  38. I Am Yours

  39. Sunday morning smile

  40. Monday morning smile

  41. One of Communism’s greatest enemy’s, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew gravely ill

  42. ACT won’t grow support by being National’s poodle

  43. Here’s to Bridget Bardot

  44. Rush connecting lack of historical dots to Obama

  45. The Ed Schultz redefinition camp

  46. The U.S. and Great Britain Block Egypt’s Requests For Military Intervention in Libya…

  47. l’Affaire Giuliani, or, “Does Obama love America?” No, and yes.

  48. I challenge your faith……

  49. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  50. Many are cold, but few are frozen

  51. Mark 6:1-3 (Returning Home Different)


  53. The Bigger Picture

  54. Epic Video: 12-Year-Old Agrees With Rudy Giuliani…

  55. Mall of America: There’s a reason I don’t live in Minnesota anymore…

  56. Beer sales and food stamp receipt timing are related…

  57. Yes indeed!

  58. Waiting on God…



  1. Become The best Wine

  2. The Garrison Center: What’s With The Pix?

  3. The Culture of Prayer Amongst Persecuted English Catholics; 1560-1760

  4. Reporters without Borders “Politicized Index” on Press Freedom: Cold War Cartoon?

  5. To Writers Who Struggle with Self-Compassion #1000Speak

  6. DHS chief offered State Department-style solution to Mall of America threat

  7. ‘Defense’ fail: See why this news anchor’s apology for ‘insensitive’ slur about Oscars music isn’t cutting it

  8. ‘Financial advice from that guy?’ Obama’s investment warning found bereft of self-awareness

  9. Healings & Peelings

  10. DHS Warns that Right-Wing Extremists Real Threat, not ISIS

  11. U.S. Media Confirm Another 43 People Burned Alive In Iraq – Meanwhile Iraqi Media Report More Than 150 Civilians Burned Alive…

  12. One Can Only Imagine…

  13. AP Report: Iran Allowed To Gain A Nuclear Weapon – President Obama’s Weakness Just Delivered It….

  14. Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump Seek To Destroy Life Of Another Innocently Accused….

  15. Monday’s Memo

  16. Crumble

  17. Quote Of The Day — February 23, 2015

  18. What’s Behind Obama’s Rushed Immigration Push?

  19. Three paintings (2/23/2015)

  20. A weak sexy girl or a woman of unequal rights (part 1)

  21. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.23.15

  22. Montana Takes First Step Towards Disarming Warrior Cops

  23. DHS Has Spent $148 Million On Furniture & Decorating Since Obama Took Office

  24. Look for the silver lining

  25. See no evil, say no evil

  26. Hypocritical flash from the past

  27. Tuesday morning smile

  28. American Sniper snubbed by wet liberal Hollywood elitists?

  29. UK PM Cameron blames internet and airlines for ISIS recruitment in UK

  30. Branco Cartoon – Unrequited Love

  31. Scars as Signs of Strength

  32. Obama and his Marxist Professors. ‘I chose my friends carefully’


  34. Jo’s Monday walk : as promised, Portimão

  35. Heart Surgery!!

  36. Was Jesus Crazy?

  37. None Dare Call It Treason

  38. Life is a Celebration at Constance Le Prince Maurice

  39. HE LIFTS US UP: The God of Angel Armies Against Abuse

  40. WHAT CAN I DO?

  41. MSNBC Mika: I Question Patriotism of Someone Who Questions President’s Patriotism

  42. Cast Your Stones…

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