My Article Read (2-21-2015)


Dog, Newspaper3


  1. This Old House

  2. What Would Jesus Juke?

  3. Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity

  4. Your Backup Is Coming

  5. JESUS Goes Before You

  6. Six word Saturday (2/21/2015)

  7. Art of C.W. Roelle

  8. Record high 30.3 percent of millenials live with a parent

  9. [Photo] Rule of Thirds

  10. ‘What an effin’ joke’: How out of whack are the WH press corps’ priorities? Check this out

  11. Conan O’Brien gives daughter ‘the talk’ that all American women must hear

  12. Obama meets Obama …calls him unpatriotic

  13. Quote Of The Day — February 21, 2015

  14. Another “Climate Change Criminal” Story

  15. THIS Would Be GREAT To See

  16. Faith Child – Get hold of the promises of God

  17. Nuggets – Jewels

  18. Happy Caturday

  19. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  20. Report: White House Strategy Team Terrified Of Netanyahu Speech – Plotting Ways To “Alinsky” Israeli Leader – “Isolate, Ridicule and Marginalization” Top List

  21. New York Daily News Front Page Today – Rudy Giuliani 2.0 – The Frank Marshall Davis Link….

  22. Mother Jones Tries To ‘Brian Williams’ Bill O’Reilly – BOR Fires Back…

  23. Random Target – Minneapolis Police Officer Shot During Another “FTP” Assassination Attempt…

  24. ISIS gets HILARIOUS surprise when they threaten to conquer Rome

  25. Sheriff Clarke shares stinging parting words for Eric Holder

  26. Bold and Unhindered

  27. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.21.15

  28. Dubai Torch Tower In Flames

  29. Saturday Steyn

  30. US Has Fallen From 21st to 49th In Press Freedom Since Obama Took Office

  31. Six word Saturday

  32. Barack H. Obama: An American Disgrace and Embarrassment

  33. He Desires Me! – SoS Saturday

  34. One Man and his Dog

  35. In Good Times and Bad

  36. Allah

  37. Clickety-Clack Don’t Talk Back

  38. Tales of the Nanny State: taxing your dessert, timing your TV watching

  39. Bill Whittle: Brass Tacks On Immigration…

  40. Yogi Berra on Life

  41. For the old warriors

  42. Dutch orchestra walks out


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