My Article Read (2-20-2015)


Dog, Newspaper2


  1. Sometimes my Opposition to Capital Punishment is Tested

  2. Red Cross Demands Corrections to ‘Misleading’ Coverage

  3. Report: ISIS Plans to Seize Libya, Flood Europe With Jihadists

  4. Rudy Doubles Down: Refuses To Apologize For Anti-Obama Comment, Repeats It

  5. Time to Pray to God About God

  6. The literary structure of Matthew 19:3-9

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. Strong Cotton – Senator Tom Cotton Discusses The Political Decision To Reveal Military Plans To The Enemy…

  9. Homeland Security Report (Leaked To CNN) Claims Right-Wing Extremists Carrying Out Terror Attacks Across The U.S…

  10. “Jobs for Jihadists” Applications Flood State Department

  11. How Big Is Your But?

  12. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.20.15

  13. 10 Hours As A Jew In Paris … Not For The Faint Of Heart

  14. Even An Idiot Is Right Once In A While: Biden “Middle Class Being Killed” Proves The Point

  15. A Nation Ruled By Lawyers Allows A Woman To Sue Herself … Idiotic , Except To The Money-Grubbing Attorneys

  16. Florist may lose her business, home and savings for refusing to service gay wedding

  17. HE LIFTS US UP: So Many Painful Memories

  18. A Source with a Source – SoS Saturday

  19. Why is religion responsible for so much war?

  20. Do you refuse to love truth?

  21. King Solomon on Flock Pots

  22. ✞ Music “I Am” by Crowder

  23. Are These Doctrines True: Is Holiness There?

  24. Saturday morning smile

  25. Obama appoints radical Muslim to counter propaganda post

  26. Progressive and their ideas make Orwell’s 1984 a reality.

  27. A Note

  28. ‘They will do as the NYT says’: Dana Perino predicts Clintons will heed this advice

  29. ‘Pretty sure he nailed it’: Marco Rubio zings media over Giuliani obsession

  30. Quote Of The Day — February 20, 2015

  31. Marcus Luttrell on 300 Marines in Iraq

  32. Admiral Lyons: Obama is Anti-American, Pro-Islamic

  33. Guest Post: Are You Smarter Than An Eighth Grader?

  34. HEY, MARIE : Set Down The Shovel

  35. Mark Levin supports Giuliani’s Obama comment about USA

  36. Friday Feature

  37. Fox’s Ed Henry grills White House: ‘Why didn’t you say Christians were killed?’

  38. Military response to Obama’s summit: ‘We are aiding and abetting the enemy’

  39. A Few of My Favorite Things…

  40. Rule of thirds?

  41. Night at Hollywood, Florida

  42. Daddy, I Want to Go Play

  43. Our Great Shepherd

  44. Arkansas Homeschool Children Still Being Held By County DHS without Charges or Reason

  45. #Obamacare chronicles: government sends wrong tax information to nearly 1,000,000 people

  46. For the good of the nation, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson should resign

  47. Drifting

  48. Entrepreneur pins every city in the map

  49. Entrepreneur bares secrets of a happy life

  50. How to live with less drama in Dubai? Filipina product designer shares her tips.

  51. Random Thoughts?? Really?

  52. Each and Every Instant


  54. Our Curious Day in Mauritius

  55. GOD of Angel Armies

  56. Among the “great cloud of witnesses” are Chinese saints

  57. The highest form of liberty: to choose love over liberty

  58. No Other Name

  59. Mark Levin on Giuliani’s Comments: Rudy’s Exactly Right…Obama Has Contempt for This Country…

  60. A Pill is not Bitter till you Swallow it – Truth is the Same

  61. Totalitarianism. The new normal.

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