My Article Read (2-18-2015) (2-19-2015)


Dog, Newspaper1


  1. I’m Torn

  2. Back Into the Wasteland


  4. Ode to YouTube From a Writer

  5. Judge Napolitano: The Obama Amnesty Plan Is Dead (Video)

  6. How off his rocker is Obama? This brutal ‘legitimate grievances’ perspective reveals answer

  7. ‘Greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation’: Risen rips Holder

  8. Sounds like Festivus: President Obama gets mocked for saying extremists have ‘legitimate grievances’

  9. Why Sinners Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Believe

  10. Nuggets – God Gave Them Up


  12. Oliver North Shames the Obama Administration

  13. Quote Of The Day — February 18, 2015

  14. Boycott Obama’s Hollywood Supporters – says Robert Davi

  15. Jobs for Jihadis?

  16. Bill O’Reilly Declares: “The Holy War Is Here” – Challenges Our Nation’s Religious Leaders

  17. What Following Jesus Means

  18. What you need to give up for Lent is Lent

  19. If anyone is spreading evil, it’s you annoying…

  20. Pinay Nightingale still serves after winning ‘Nurse of the Year’ title

  21. Filipino engineer works on The Palm, one of the 8th Wonders of the World

  22. Again about scale

  23. Affirmation of God: God is with me now.

  24. Thursday morning smile

  25. UK Channel 4- accused of bile and vitriol towards Nigel Farage and UKIP

  26. Black on white racism get a pass.

  27. Bending

  28. Giving Up?

  29. Standing Firm in the Storm

  30. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  31. President Obama Finally Admits Fort Hood Was A “Terrorist Attack” – AND – The Libyan’s Murdered Were “Christian”?….

  32. And There It Is !! – Democrat Rep Louis Gutierrez States Illegal Alien “Militancy” Will Result In Increased Illegal “Voter Registration, Voter Participation and Voter Anger”…

  33. IN: Western Warriors Joining Regional Warbands Against ISIS

  34. The left is worried about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  35. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.18.15

  36. New Jersey Teacher Facing Ten Year Prison Sentence For Possession Of 300 Year-Old Flintlock Pistol

  37. Ferry Icebreaking At Maine’s Stone Pier

  38. Union thugs harass Scott Walker’s elderly parents, grandson takes action

  39. Leaked word on Wasserman Schultz’s possible Senate run draws early scorn

  40. Wednesday’s Words

  41. Biden terrorism meeting includes leader who calls Israel a suspect in 9/11

  42. The social fabric of Islamic terrorism

  43. The story that is not told

  44. A Beautiful Wedding – KV & SY

  45. Abuse and Adultery… We Need a Miracle

  46. The End of Scruffbag

  47. Where the Power of Love Begins

  48. Envy, Madison Avenue And Me

  49. Christ Showed Me The Way

  50. King Solomon on Hasty Words Fools

  51. Interesting: The Obama Express food mart in Florida needs multiple armed guards?

  52. The imposter’s foreign policy explained:

  53. Three Virtues…


  1. TYRANNY in America:

  2. Valentines Day. Yummy!

  3. Be kind to one another . . .

  4. The Power of Art

  5. Paul says, “I love you”

  6. Life is a flower

  7. “I will not be young again…”?

  8. Discoveries

  9. Peculiar Sea Crabs (Part One)

  10. Why I Stopped Going to Church

  11. Quote Of The Day — February 19, 2015

  12. Thought For Today – February 19, 2015

  13. Damn Dozers Are Going To Be WORN OUT

  14. How Much More Should Citizens Take?

  15. Obama, the West, and Islam

  16. Help Needed

  17. State Department Botched Yemen Embassy Evacuation

  18. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.19.15

  19. White House Remarks By The President: “we must address the grievances that terrorists exploit”…

  20. Anti-Government DDoS Attacks Booming As Costs Drop And Effectiveness Rises

  21. “Smelly Shelley” Silver Indicted

  22. Cop Boasts On LEO Bulletin Board Of Regular Planting Of Evidence On “Anyone Making My Life Difficult”

  23. Faith Child – The church is one. False prophets will pay

  24. No Other Name

  25. HE LIFTS US UP: Speak Lord!

  26. HE LIFTS US UP: Many Wounded Remain Lonely

  27. #$%Q!X(# It!

  28. The Coaching Continues

  29. Journalist Eli Lake’s unvarnished description of ISIS is perfect

  30. F‘So he had a job?’ This disproves Marie Harf’s #JobsForISIS theory once and for allriday morning smile

  31. Did Obama send furtive hand signal to Muslim leaders?

  32. United States to send combat ships to Singapore

  33. Alliance Defending Freedom will defend Atlanta fire chief fired for his Christian faith

  34. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  35. The Professional Patient Reprise

  36. Semantics Summit

  37. Why am I going through this???

  38. Remembering Days of Old

  39. Be the Hope

  40. ‘I’m Mad as Hell and I am not going to take this anymore!’

  41. Furious Fox hosts hit back at Holder: ’45 people burned alive … yet Fox is the problem?’

  42. Michelle Malkin calls out Christian-mocking comic: Going to make fun of Muslims, too, hon?

  43. Why does anyone become a terrorist????????

  44. All set to Shimmy!

  45. A Photo Tour of Constnace Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius

  46. Teen Dating Violence Awareness~~ Comparisons

  47. Judge authorizes ‘personal ruin’ for Christian florist

  48. World-class Filipino doctor makes waves in Dubai

  49. How to enjoy an incredible, powerful existence? Filipina shares her success story.

  50. What the hell is wrong with New Jersey prosecutors? #2A

  51. Obama has officially called me “boring”…

  52. Liberal Heartache: Obama’s lawyers struggling for a response to a Texas judge’s ruling stopping illegal amnesty program

  53. Image of the Day: NY Post Cover February 19, 2015

  54. Disappointed in God.. or what?

  55. The chains of victimhood

  56. Tribe ‘closes’ city beach

  57. The ship of State

  58. The Lord is “IN” His People, prospering them

  59. The Company of the MARTYRS

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