My Article Read (2-17-2015)


Dog, Newspaper


  1. ‘Let them have jobs’! Salon calls GOPer ‘bloodthirsty’ for wanting to wipe out ISIS

  2. Awesome: Judge Andrew Hanen used Pres. Obama’s own words to justify his ruling halting executive amnesty

  3. ‘What are you talking about?’ Marie Harf goes on the defensive — and off the rails

  4. OK, Marie Harf, we’ll bite: ‘Tyson chicken beheaders,’ and other great #JobsForISIS

  5. My allergist

  6. Isadora Duncan and Sergei Yesenin

  7. There’s nothing gray about Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s all black.

  8. The Everlasting Durability of the Holy Bible

  9. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  10. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ! – Obama Administration Condemns Egypt For Bombing ISIS In Libya…. ?????

  11. BREAKING Report: ISIS Burns 45 Iraqi’s To Death In Town of Al-Baghdadi…

  12. Leaving It Here

  13. Wednesday morning smile

  14. Gun control- the truth about the US murder rate

  15. Multi-culturalism in Sweden- Rapes increase by 1,472%

  16. Nuggets – Isn’t that enough?

  17. Pray for Coptic Christians and families of martyred Christians

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Abused… Maybe Stand Up Like Esther

  19. Child of the World – Warning – This may offend you

  20. So Here is How to Experience Supernatural Change

  21. American political scientists say Obama the worst by a 3-1 margin

  22. Quote Of The Day — February 17, 2015

  23. Children Taken Away from Christian Parents to Receive Forced Vaccinations

  24. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up.

  25. THIS JUST IN: Federal judge blocks Obama’s immigration executive action!

  26. Non-Islamic terrorism spells denial

  27. I Know God is Able, But Is He Willing?

  28. “Dream and Try to Reach for Your Dream.”- Irene Corpuz

  29. Filipina artist, blogger shops for a living

  30. Beauty inspires Filipino lensman

  31. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.17.15

  32. Freak Electrocution Claims At Least 15 At Haiti Carnival (Raw Video)

  33. I Can See it As It Was

  34. What’s In a Name?

  35. Not just ‘random folks,’ Mr. Obama: Those beheaded CHRISTIANS had names

  36. State Depart: ‘ISIS problem is poverty, no jobs’

  37. Abuse Comes in Many Forms

  38. How Many Times Did Jesus Die On The Cross?

  39. Psalm 36:1 (The Whisper)

  40. Happy birthday, Bob

  41. Fine Arts, Slavery and Family Planning

  42. One of the Pride at Casela, Mauritius

  43. Obama: Rude, Crude, and unfit for polite company…

  44. The remarks former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t want you to hear…

  45. Raised from the Dead? Some are impossible in the flesh.. or are they?

  46. For the 12,000th Time

  47. This global warming is wearing me out. AND this ice cover will once more translate into a late spring. Expect nothing before April.

  48. Well, Well, looks like one of the so-called “innocent” Muslim students who was gunned down had…

  49. Encirclement


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