Uplifting Tuesday-Sharing Fruits With Beggars



Sharing fruits with beggars by lovingfriend, Kind Spring

I was coming in on the train and many beggars were coming for alms. I had just recently bought a bunch of bananas. I kept gifting them bananas, when the bananas were gone, I bought oranges and kept giving them.

Later I saw one beggar sitting in next compartment eating the orange. I felt happy being able to see the result of my actions. I would have also been happy otherwise, but seeing it used, gave me  pleasure. I noticed he was dropping the peels of orange on the floor, so I offered him one more orange with a newspaper to throw the peels in.

He accepted and threw the peels in the newspaper. After his eating was finished, he collected the peels and threw them on ground, and took the newspaper with him.  I started laughing seeing it.

Then a thought came, “Should I be angry, or should I tell him not to do it?” I answered ,”no” since I felt my karma was over and my heart told me that explaining to him was not correct at that moment and I kept laughing. –


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