My Article Read (2-15-2015) (2-16-2015)


Dog, Newspaper, Man


  1. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.15.15

  2. More States Move To Implement Constitutional Carry

  3. Alert Trucker Helps Break Up Sex Slavery Ring … Rescues Captive Young Woman

  4. Ten Record-Setting Yellowfin Tuna Catches

  5. Gary Sinise’s new ‘Criminal Minds family’ supports the troops

  6. ‘Take a look at your own country first!’ Iranian president calls for an end to ‘violence and hate crimes’

  7. Max Fisher bemoans Christian ‘kill squads’ fighting against ISIS

  8. ‘War on Europe’: Germans cancel parade after Islamist threat

  9. ‘Why is anyone in Europe shocked’ by Copenhagen terror attacks?

  10. Faith Child – Need of Missions

  11. Joyful ‘Toons – Camel

  12. Humbly Seek

  13. David Axelrod: Obama lied about gay marriage in 2008 in order to get elected

  14. You gotta have heart

  15. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  16. Elections have consequences

  17. Obama’ amnesty freebies

  18. Is Barack Obama America’s Biggest Terrorism Threat ?

  19. Beheaded journalist’s parents say their son’s life wasn’t Obama’s ‘priority’ — maybe golfing was?

  20. Judge Jeanine rips apart ‘Obama-speak’ strategy: Mr. President, we’re not winning!

  21. CNN Money under fire for moronic tweet; what were they thinking?

  22. Where is Christ When His Church Is This Messy?

  23. Monday morning smile

  24. Did Jon Stewart quit because he didn’t want to carry water for failing Democrats any longer?

  25. SkyCity- It’s not over yet.

  26. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  27. Third Shooting In Denmark – Police Engage Possible Suspect Near Rail Station…

  28. Massive Black Mob Causes Mayhem At Florida Mall – 800 to 900 Black Teens Crash Movie Theater, Stores, and Begin Looting…

  29. Engineering Commitment To Terror – Egypt Finds Longest Terror Tunnel So Far Into Gaza….

  30. Hillary’s “Rebels” Behead 21 Coptic Christians In Libya…

  31. One Danish Jihadist Identified – Danish lone wolf ‘jihadi’ who was gunned down by police in dramatic standoff after Copenhagen terror shootings which killed film director and Jewish security guard



  34. A Sunday without respite as more Christians slaughtered

  35. Quote Of The Day — February 15, 2015


  37. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Breeze & Buttons

  38. Word of wisdom

  39. After the Valentine’s Day

  40. «You don’t love me…»

  41. “Singing in the Rain”

  42. HE LIFTS US UP: Loneliness and Brokenness

  43. Exodus 40 (The Ten C’s)

  44. Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (H. R. 4872 ) also required territories to establish exchanges to get funds.

  45. Present Truth Kingdom Living When ALL is NOW

  46. About bloody time, Tony!

  47. Life…

  48. Imagine…

  49. BREAKING: Iran Releases Major News About Obama… This Means Treason

  50. BREAKING: White House Officials Are About to Get Their Worst Trey Gowdy Nightmare



  1. Lifetime Goal Coming Up

  2. Unlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition

  3. Short Story: Red Door and More

  4. ISIS Slaughters 21 Coptic Christians In Libya – Obama Golfs

  5. John Bolton Provides Schooling in US Foreign Policy for Paulbots and Other Dreamworld-Dwelling Isolationists

  6. Monochrome Monday: The Pillars of ILO

  7. Avoidance behavior: Could this NYT’s headline about alleged Copenhagen terrorist get more PC?

  8. Story ‘buried’: Greta Van Susteren notices something ‘seriously wrong with the New York Times’

  9. ‘Powerful’: Street artist SABO erects tributes to murdered Jordanian pilot around L.A. [photos]

  10. Hijacking in progress! Check out these hilarious #ILoveObama tweets from conservatives

  11. ‘Memorial site for a murderer?’ This twisted tribute to Copenhagen shooting suspect will make you sick [photo]

  12. Tuesday morning smile

  13. Greeks oblivious to reality of their debt situation

  14. Leftists whiners create false impression of wide support

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: Who Am I?

  16. HE LIFTS US UP: He Shed His Blood for All

  17. Child of the World – Let us be serious

  18. SIH’s Think On These Things: Psalms 27:6

  19. IT expert travels around the world in train, bus rides

  20. Safety expert is first Filipino to pass NEBOSH International Diploma

  21. Inspiring Muslim leader forges unity among Filipinos abroad

  22. Butterfly Kisses

  23. Why didn’t Scott Walker finish his fourth year of college at Marquette University?

  24. The right comparison

  25. 7 Frugal Tools to Spruce up Your Bible Study

  26. Amuse Bouche

  27. Chosen With Purpose

  28. The Truth!

  29. What Will They See?

  30. Two simple pictures

  31. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.16.15

  32. Here Is The Video That Drew Egypt Into The War On ISIS … Christian Beheadings (Graphic)

  33. All Potential GOP Presidential Candidates Support “Shamnesty” In One Form Or Another

  34. There’s A Muslim Living In The White House

  35. ATF to ban most AR-15 Ammo

  36. Bob Schieffer asks WH chief of staff: Does Obama even care that Americans are being murdered by ISIS?

  37. Egypt quickly retaliates over beheadings of Christians; Obama schedules summit

  38. Have You Got ‘Seek?’

  39. Cap Gun Caper

  40. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  41. As If On Cue – Senator John McCain Says “Don’t Handcuff The President”…

  42. Resolve, Eyes Wide Open – “Don’t Let the AUMF Fulfill the Islamic State’s End Times Prophecy”

  43. Take That ISIS ! – Denmark Rallies Collection of Sad Weepy Faces To Counter Barbaric Hoard Of Beheading Savages…

  44. NBC On Brian Williams Lying: “That’s Brian being Brian” – 32 Lies and Disputed Stories NBC News Let Brian Williams Tell For a Decade

  45. Monday’s Mention

  46. Quote Of The Day — February 16, 2015

  47. Thought for Today – Feb. 16, 2015

  48. “Fire Up The Dozers” For Feb 16 2015

  49. Our Culture

  50. Jo’s Monday walk : Praia da Rocha

  51. Mark 1:35 (Before Dawn Breaks)

  52. A “Rag-Doll” on a Shelf

  53. Arrived in Mauritius – Discovering a Tropical Paradise

  54. King Solomon’s Test – Part One

  55. God is Talking to You About Change

  56. I Am Sure You Have adVICE For Me !

  57. I’m not buying any of this ISSI crapola and the propaganda against Russia…

  58. Jewish cemetery in eastern France vandalized…

  59. There is no “Used To Be” in the kingdom of God.

  60. Pigs.

  61. Yes, Please…


  63. Rev. Graham: ‘Imagine the Outcry if 21 Muslims Had Been Beheaded by Christians? … The Storm is Coming’













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