My Article Read (2-14-2015)


Heart, Newspaper


  1. BREAKING: Texas Delivers Some MAJOR Bad News to the UN


  3. Three Tidbits

  4. Help Wanted

  5. Book Review of Where Death is a Hunter

  6. ISIS (DAESH) FIRST STEP INTO JORDAN: HIZB UT – TAHRIR: Appeal to the People of Jordan

  7. Islamists Try to Take on Texas… Texans Come Up With Clever Plan to Humiliate Them

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. “Political Winds” – Copenhagen Free Speech Meeting Leaves One Dead, Others Injured – Muslim Cartoonist Targeted…

  10. New York Times Busted Making False Claims About Wisc. ED Layoffs – Blames Scott Walker Reform Efforts, But Scott Walker Was Not Governor At Time…

  11. A poem for Valentine’s Day

  12. You gotta have heart

  13. Happy Caturday

  14. Happy Valentine’s Day

  15. Because He Loved

  16. We need more love today!

  17. My poem: “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  18. Happy Valentine’s Day

  19. Feeding the guest in darkness

  20. Love is in the air

  21. Quote Of The Day — February 14, 2015

  22. A Twist on Obama’s Refusal to Meet with Sunni Leaders

  23. Could Capitol Hill Actually Be Getting Tired of Executive Order Bully?

  24. Scott Walker gets a full body cavity search, while Obama gets waved through

  25. What is Islam?

  26. SNL’s hilarious Valentine’s Day ad every man must watch

  27.  White House spox: Obama’s anti-Christian remarks …

  28. 8 ISIS bombers attack base housing hundreds of US Marines in Iraq; guess who wins?

  29. Courtroom cracks up as feisty 80-year-old makes ‘sweetheart’ judge lose it

  30. I think we can call this a “non-starter” of an idea

  31. Is Having a 1,001 Sex Partners a Sin?

  32. Bits and Pieces

  33. Nuggets – How God Provides

  34. Faith Child – Intimidated to Silence

  35. ‘Horrifying!’ Reports: ISIS threatens caged Kurdish fighters with same fate as Jordanian pilot

  36. Saturday’s Sentiment

  37. What Valentine’s Day and fine china have in common……..

  38. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.14.15

  39. One Liberal European Reporter Discovers What Millions Of Americans Already Know: Shooting Is Fun

  40. Nova Scotia Valentine’s Day Massacre Plot Averted

  41. Sunday morning smile

  42. Gina Rinehart settles with Channel Nine- show will go ahead

  43. SkyCity fiasco is natural result of govt expenditure of $80 billion

  44. Prime example of how our government works.

  45. From The Resisters, With Love

  46. Commissioning – SoS Saturday

  47. Obsession

  48. Amazing Love

  49. King Solomon, John Wayne, Race Cards, Religion, Exultation 

  50. Precious Gem: John Jay Borja

  51. Precious Gem: William “Boyet” B. Damot

  52. Precious Gem: Joey Tiberio

  53. Sharjah: Illuminate your imagination at the Sharjah Light Festival

  54. Living A Life that Matters

  55. Speaker John Boehner posts photo of signed (and veto-ready) Keystone XL bill

  56. Ever seen the leader of the free world use a selfie stick?

  57. Stress, weight loss, and forgiveness

  58. Flawless

  59. ISIS is America’s fault

  60. Ted Cruz: The government is poised to steal your internet…

  61. Europe: Slouching towards Mecca.

  62. Christian hand-wringing

  63. Love and Compassion…

  64. Support For Obamacare Falls To Record Low As Tax Penalties Enrage Millions

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