My Article Read (2-13-2015)



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  1. TGIF Friday Funnies~

  2. Getting the Most From 5 People in Your Past

  3. Pakistan Authorities Arrest Taliban Militants Involved In School Massacre, Give Credit To Afghanistan For Help

  4. Yahweh PROVES His love!

  5. Great Love…

  6. Saturday morning smile

  7. Obama’s Rules of Engagement are killing US troops

  8. CNN journalist argues rights come from “collective agreement”

  9. ‘Natch’: ‘Major voting loophole’ in Obama’s amnesty plan doesn’t surprise Brad Thor, others

  10. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.13.15

  11. The Mongoose Isn’t The Only Cobra Killer

  12. Help With Unwanted Banner

  13. Sen Cornyn Re-Introduces “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act”

  14. Obama’s executive amnesty will make it easier for non-citizens to vote in elections

  15. Don’t judge me bro

  16. Rick Perry: 2016 won’t be about good looks

  17. Friday’s Fiction

  18. Quote Of The Day — February 13, 2015

  19. To Adopt A Terrorist

  20. Internet Hoaxes — Black Muslim in the White House

  21. New “21st Century Cures” Bill Is Yet Another Gift to the Pharmaceutical Industry

  22. Funny Friday – February 13, 2015

  23. Mix with Water

  24. Three photos of my friends (2/13/2015)

  25. Let’s dance

  26. On a huge scale

  27. Did You Read What I Wrote?

  28. A Heart that is Willing

  29. HE LIFTS US UP: Abused? Mistreated?

  30. A Palm in the Desert – SoS Saturday

  31. Obama VA secretary insults war-vet congressman: ‘What have you done?’ Vets group outraged

  32. ‘What in the holy hell?’: Sharpton’s attempt to target Scott Walker from the Galapagos Islands backfires

  33. Dauin’s Duo ♥

  34. Obama guns for Americans and makes a fool of himself and us

  35. A New Genesis

  36. State Department Forces Marines to Disarm: Gives into Yemen Rebels Demands

  37. 2 faces of Islam narrative

  38. Forgiveness…

  39. Who Do You Trust?

  40. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  41. Three Out of Four Israelis Don’t Trust Obama To Stop Iran From Gaining Nuclear Weapon…

  42. Matthew 27:46 (Alone)


  44. Have America’s Super Hero’s Lost their way?

  45. A Whole Decade

  46. Good news! Eggs are back on the breakfast menu.


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