My Article Read (2-12-2015)


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  1. Only Arab Leader Ever to Have Appeared on ‘Star Trek’?

  2. He Touched Me!

  3. Talks Produce Ukraine Peace Deal: Will The U.S. Scuttle The Agreement?

  4. Live with Mikester on Friday!

  5. Rick Warren: Walls and Open Gates

  6. ‘Troll hard or go home’: Rep. Doug Collins ‘wins’ with this visual aid [photo]

  7. ‘How many kids have been suspended from school’ for doing what Obama just did? [gif]

  8. ‘Nero and his fiddle ain’t NOTHING!’ Sorry, world: Obama’s busy with his selfie stick

  9. Should I Sell My Soul To The Devil To Get Published?

  10. UN on climate: tough job, struggling on

  11. ISIS FUNDS: ISIS Sells Christian Loot

  12. ISIS FUNDS: ISIS Sells Christian Loot At Jihad Bazaar

  13. Thursday’s treat

  14. Why Write eBooks? To Get Your Writing Out There (And Make Some Money)

  15. A Slap in the Face – Marines Ordered to Destroy their Weapons as the Yemen Embassy is Surrendered

  16. Army Ranger Chaplain Punished for Being Christian—Thomas More Law Center Responds

  17. BIBLE DAILY DEVOTIONAL – Num 6 – The Nazarite Vow

  18. Flawless

  19. HE LIFTS US UP: Lord, Rescue Me!

  20. Did you all know I wrote a story?

  21. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  22. Prescient Prediction Comes To Pass !! – Investigators, Researching Someone Familiar, Need Assistance Connecting The Networks…

  23. The Dem Insanity Continues – Hank ‘Tippy Guam’ Johnson: “Obama is a black man being disrespected by a foreign leader”..

  24. The Definition of VD Day

  25. Walking in Another’s Sandals

  26. Quote Of The Day — February 12, 2015

  27. NOW We Get To See WHO The “Obstructionist” Is

  28. Filmmaker Murdered While Documenting Abuses in CPS

  29. The Clawing of the 2015 SOTU, Part IV

  30. Chalk One Up for Gun Enthusiasts

  31. Report: Obama Admin Knew James Foley’s Location For Months And Dithered

  32. The Democrat-Media complex is scared to death of Governor Walker

  33. Marines: No weapons surrendered to Houthis during #Yemen evacuation

  34. Video Allegedly Shows Cops Gun Down Rock-Throwing Man

  35. Friday morning smile

  36. NZ manufacturing drop surprises analysts

  37. Brian Williams fiddling expenses as well?

  38. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.12.15

  39. Report: Obama Admin Knew James Foley’s Location For Months And Dithered

  40. Legal Insurrection gets results: Ben Carson taken off SPLC “Extremist” List

  41. State Dept: ‘U.S. not being run out of town’ – (Third Embassy down)

  42. Jesus is the Fulfillment

  43. Obama picks a fight with Staples, retail giant hits back: ‘Shame on them’

  44. Angry parents turn 50 shades of red over sexually graphic word search puzzle in school

  45. The Dripping Beard of Aaron

  46. A horrible atrocity committed in the name of non-belief

  47. Positive Thinking

  48. Oh what a tangled web we weave

  49. #AdrenalInsufficiency Update: Persistent Vexation

  50. PING 6: Moving on.

  51. Why is everyone concerned about Brian Williams when the FCC is trying to take over the internet?…

  52. I have no idea why or how anyone can possibly disagree with this… no idea at all

  53. Liberty? You can kiss it goodbye.

  54. This is tyranny, not law:

  55. Put Gas in Someone’s Car

  56. From the Heart of Melissa Presser ( Work for the Cause not the Applause ) and Mine !!!!!!

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