My Article Read (2-8-2015) (2-9-2015)




  1. Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

  2. Memo to Moore! LOL Green Beret Sniper, Bryan Sikes

  3. Yahweh’s ways and thoughts are higher than yours!

  4. Details

  5. the work that God is doing

  6. Monday morning smile

  7. Turnbull supports same sex marriage, man made climate change and dumping the Queen

  8. Jordan- We will wipe out ISIS completely

  9. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.8.15

  10. FCC Commissioner Shows Cover Of “Net Neutrality” Regulations And That’s All The Public Gets To See

  11. American Sisters Deported For Snapping Nude Photos At Angkor Wat

  12. Forgotten Copy Of Magna Carta Discovered In Kent

  13. Giant

  14. In response to Brian Williams

  15. Hillary Clinton’s fake Bosnia gunfire story and her abortion award

  16. Judge Jeanine nails it: This is why Obama can golf after ISIS beheads Americans

  17. Sunday and what you may have missed

  18. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  19. Quote Of The Day — February 8, 2015

  20. OK,Folks, It’s SUNDAY.

  21. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Dad’s 70th Birthday

  22. Dad Refuses to Give Up Newborn Son With Down Syndrome

  23. It is Grace that Saves

  24. A Source with a Source – SoS Saturday



  27. Songs of Vietnam, Our New Battle Cry

  28. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

  29. Barack Obama Is Not a Christian in Any Meaningful Way

  30. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  31. U.S. Hostage Kayla Mueller’s Parents Did Not Want Rescue Effort – Wanted Obama Administration To Negotiate With Terrorists….

  32. Former Defense Intelligence Chief: U.S. Strategy to Fight Terrorism “Clearly Not Working”….

  33. Chosen You

  34. Life aHazard

  35. RESTING… In Your Presence

  36. Crusades or Jihad, the proverbial question

  37. Rice plays the Gong Show, loses

  38. Precious Gem: Lou O. Parroco

  39. Like a Puppy on a string…

  40. Feminist aborts baby because it was a boy…

  41. All Dressed up and No Place to Go

  42. NATO finally stepping up to counter Russian aggression

  43. Dr. Ben Carson Reacts to Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech: “Perhaps We’re Being Betrayed”


  1. Army Major Matt Golsteyn Betrayed by Leaders Indeed

  2. This is how we have come to know love . . .

  3. Spreading Light.

  4. Freedom 18

  5. Was American Hostage Kayla Mueller Killed By Jordanian Airstrikes?

  6. ‘Amazing how that works’: Katie Pavlich banned from speaking to Oxford debate society

  7. Shut up and eat it! FLOTUS says kids will embrace school lunches … ‘eventually’

  8. Truth-telling on race, politics, and America, courtesy of @BobbyJindal

  9. Living Out Our True Identity

  10. An Observation:

  11. Jindal Shreds Obama: Medieval Crusaders Are Not A National Security Threat

  12. HE LIFTS US UP: Abused and Bullied? You are Stronger Than You Think

  13. Exodus 28:29 (Over My Heart)

  14. Tuesday morning smile

  15. John Key has the gall to accuse Little of encouraging “Separatism”?? Too much..!!

  16. UN Climate zealots pushing for Turnbull to replace Abbott?

  17. Why Grace Is Amazing To Me: In Short

  18. Monochrome Monday: Handwritten Diary

  19. Precious Gem: Laarni de Leon Eugenio

  20. Precious Gem: Liezel Quiliza-Cruz

  21. Precious Gem: Mario Cardenas

  22. Precious Gem: Laurence Anthony Garduce

  23. Daily Editorial Cartoon 2.9.15

  24. Temp Data Manipulation By “Climate Change” Researchers Is Greatest Science Scandal Ever

  25. Oldest USS Arizona Sailor Passes

  26. Latest New England Snowstorm Heralds The Return Of The “Boston Yeti”

  27. World leaders seek end to Russian aggression, violence in Ukraine

  28. Branco Cartoon – Tongue Tied

  29. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

  30. Beheaded hostage’s mom: Obama failed ALL the American ISIS captives

  31. Amb. John Bolton: Obama can learn a lot from King Abdullah’s courage

  32. Ultra-liberal MSNBC veteran raises eyebrows for blasting Obama’s ‘Crusades’ remark

  33. Jesus is…

  34. Kerry and Biden meet with Netanyahu’s opposition

  35. Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

  36. Honesty

  37. Quote Of The Day — February 9, 2015

  38. ISIS Said to be Six Times Bigger Than CIA Thinks

  39. Science fiction meets current medical debate

  40. Interesting things you can do with a Butterfly

  41. NBC world of liars?

  42. Several quotes about lying.

  43. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  44. Remember Those Democrats Nancy Pelosi Said Were Too Busy Right Now?

  45. The Muslim Brotherhood Targeting Egypt’s Fattah Al-Sisi…

  46. Who and What is Behind Your Success?

  47. Forget Brian Williams, it’s Hillary’s lie that matters

  48. Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month~~ Wear Orange


  50. King Solomon, Erroneous, Cats Paws 

  51. A Private Letter To You My Valentine

  52. Doing the STUFF is the REAL soul winning commanded by Jesus

  53. ‘Let justice be done….

  54. Killer virus spreading:

  55. Letting Go…

  56. Forum: Is Journalism Dead?

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