My Article Read (2-10-2015)


Overwhelmed By News


  1. The Hawaiian independence movement should be grateful…

  2. Casting Crowns dance coming closer to completion

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. Hostage Kayla Mueller Was Given To ISIS Commander As “Spoil of War Trophy”….

  5. Memphis Tennessee Church Hides Arrest Of Violent Sex Offender Until Media Was Going To Report…

  6. Hannah Graham Killer Jesse Matthew Indicted ‘First Degree Murder’ – No Death Penalty, No Charges In Morgan Harrington Case Yet…

  7. This life we live as Christians…..

  8. Filipino views the world in various lenses

  9. ‘Life is a blessing’

  10. Our Muslim tolerance problem

  11. Media and WH follow the same script

  12. Right, it quacks like a duck

  13. Relativism’s poisonous arrows

  14. Thought for the day

  15. Wednesday morning smile

  16. Strange story- Malcolm Turnbull tried to join Labor Party

  17. Communist China seeks allegiance with Hawaiian Independence Movement

  18. Nuggets – Awesome God

  19. HE LIFTS US UP: Wounds… We Can Overcome

  20. Questions

  21. Distance

  22. A flower?

  23. From my email

  24. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

  25. Puppies And Pride

  26. 30 times Tweeters called out Pres. Obama for lying on gay marriage

  27. ‘Random?’: Scandal star Josh Malina calls out Obama on Paris terror remarks

  28. #BossyMonica trends as friends mourn loss of patriot @LeMarquand

  29. Perverting The Gospel Of Christ

  30. ✞ Music “Come As You Are” by Crowder

  31. Faith Is Not A Matter Of Reason

  32. Enjoy Your Journey

  33. David Axelrod: Obama lied about his faith

  34. Staples Workers: Thanks for Nothing, Obamacare

  35. How much longer can our Freedom last?

  36. Firestorm explodes over Obama’s terror description: Zealots ‘randomly’ shot ‘a bunch of folks in Paris deli’

  37. Our Noble prize winner Obama tongue tied with German questions

  38. The truth about The Crusades

  39. What does it mean to be God’s man or God’s woman?

  40. Tuesday’s Tale

  41. Quote Of The Day — February 10, 2015

  42. Thought for Today – Feb. 10, 2015

  43. Mother Who Chose To Give Up Son With Down Syndrome Speaks Out

  44. Catching Sight of the Shore from Bark Europa

  45. My Wildest Travel Dream Comes True – Setting Foot on Antarctica

  46. Cringeworthy

  47. Questioning The Loyalty Of Barack Obama

  48. Teen Dating Violence~~ VIOLENCE IS NOT LOVE!

  49. I Need Your Help

  50. WH press secretary Josh Earnest tries to explain why climate change is worse than terrorism…

  51. Report: ISIS suicide bombers defecting or deserting…

  52. Losing my (Bad) Religion

  53. Oh, the humanity!

  54. NZ’s taxpayer-funded Nazis.

  55. ‘Let justice be done….

  56. Traditional vs Reform Mathematics in NZ and the US

  57. The BACKDRAFT has begun

  58. Touch the Stars…

  59. Obama Vows to Bring the Terrorists to Justice — AGAIN

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