My Article Read (1-29-2015) (1-30-2015)


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  1. Be still and know . . .

  2. AG Nominee Loretta Lynch Faces Weird Questions

  3. The State of the Union – Huh!

  4. New Police Radars CAN ‘SEE’ Inside Homes!

  5. This Story Left Me Crying

  6. Hey, Salon … we FIFY: ‘Noam Chomsky rips Obama as the leader of the most extreme terror campaign of modern history’

  7. You won’t believe the one important detail Charles Blow left out of his report on Yale police detaining his son

  8. How to Spend Eight Hours in Changi Airport

  9. Paul the Prophet

  10. This Means War

  11. The Good-O-Meter How Good Is Good Enough To Get To Heaven?

  12. What happened after?

  13. The Humiliating Public Loss of Barack Obama

  14. Alliance Defending Freedom wins HHS mandate case: Democrats forced to pay $570,000

  15. Daily Editorial Cartoon 1.29.15

  16. Tour Frozen Lake Michigan By Drone

  17. Turmeric Among Natural Cures For Sinus Infection

  18. Quote Of The Day — January 29, 2015

  19. Benghazi Select Committee – The Slow Roll Continues

  20. Muslim Protesters Get Slap Down By NYC Jewish Councilman

  21. Are Republican Voters to the Right of their Representatives in Congress? YES!

  22. Politicizing Bergdahl

  23. Is Google a Democrat Search Engine?

  24. Branco Cartoon – His Kingdom Come

  25. Who Wants to Fight?

  26. Ferguson fallout: All hell breaks loose as ‘radicals,’ cops scuffle at St. Louis police oversight meeting

  27. Stevie Wonder’s eulogy at Andrae Crouch’s funeral upsets some

  28. The Haunting



  31. A Still Small Voice

  32. Nobody Wins

  33. Friday’s Fiction

  34. Bread of the Presence

  35. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  36. Remembering What is Difficult To Remember

  37. The Storms Within

  38. A birthday message of hope for the weary

  39. Tweet of the Day: Fox News Poll

  40. Gov. Scott Walker releases an ad: Our American Revival

  41. BREAKING-Prayer Alert: Huge Gas Truck Explosion Outside a Maternity and Children’s Hospital; Dozens Injured, Many of Them Children

  42. This Mom Wouldn’t Quit Trying to Find Her Trafficked Daughter; But What She Accomplished Left the Police Amazed

  43. The Impossible…

  44. The Lord says: Not many days hence…

  45. Self-censorship,

  46. Our Weasel Of The Week!!


  1. ‘Michael Moore not pleased’: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott proclaims ‘Chris Kyle Day’

  2. ‘We’re in a dictatorship?’ AP: Senate ‘defying’ WH by passing Keystone XL bill

  3. Report: ISIS killing spree of throwing gay men off of buildings continues

  4. FREE Kindle Fire HDX LAST CHANCE! Fix My Eyes Dance Music Video – 4 King and Country

  5. Time Magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger writes what might possibly be the stupidest article about climate ever – climate change causes volcanoes

  6. Iran to Netanyahu: “Screw with us and we’ll kill your sons!”

  7. Something I rarely say: “Good for you, Senator McCain”

  8. Bobby Jindal and Mike Lee on school choice / education reform

  9. 10 Reasons I would never forgive

  10. A Little Confused in Uncharted Water? Maybe this Pic will help.

  11. The Conquering of the Night

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Catherine Engelbrecht Testifies in the Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearing…

  14. “Disruptions” Have Consequences – Saint Louis Police Ask For State Help As Post-Ferguson Crime Wave Continues To Escalate…

  15. Bullet Dodged – Mitt Romney Not Running For President…

  16. Post Surgery and #AdrenalInsufficiency Update

  17. Regretful

  18. It is never late to learn!

  19. Several Russian jokes

  20. Quotes about education

  21. Grace is Everywhere!

  22. Mini Workshop in Orlando! 50 Shades of Flirty Fun!

  23. Off The Beaten Path – In Remote, Wild, Spectacular Mongolia!

  24. How to Capture the Almighty – SoS Saturday

  25. Peace Be Still

  26. Life Lessons Realized on the Road

  27. Being Content

  28. Quote Of The Day — January 30, 2015

  29. What Did You Just Call Me??

  30. BREAKING: Texas School Forces Kids to Drop Their Pants

  31. Remember Christine Weick? She Strikes Again!

  32. Returning To Terror – Detainee Swapped For Bergdahl Calls Taliban

  33. Daily Editorial Cartoon 1.30.15

  34. Hillary Flew Corporate Crony Air Over 200 Times As Senator

  35. Not being Eric Holder is not enough – vote No on Loretta Lynch

  36. Liberals are terrified of Chris Kyle’s legacy

  37. Cruz demands answers from Kerry : Who approved US State Dept. funds to group sent to oust Bibi?

  38. Man expecting UPS package of ammo is shocked by what his security camera reveals — you will be too!

  39. DEA and ATF storing gun show attendees license plates

  40. Vote Tally Count Keystone Pipeline

  41. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

  42. Verbal Abuse: What Comes Out of Your Mouth?

  43. Colonel finds plenty of supporting evidence for confirmation bias report

  44. HE LIFTS US UP: Let Go… Let God

  45. Happy

  46. WH connections to Israeli election

  47. 5 Questions Why Virtue is More about Excellence than Morality

  48. God’s Plan for YOU is irrevocable (on his part)

  49. Revealing Submerged Promises

  50. Finish Each Day… And Begin Again…

  51. More on midwives

  52. Oliver North: “The Israeli People Are Quite Fed Up With Mr. Obama” (Video)

  53. The Council Has Spoken!! Watcher’s Council Results

  54. Sharing Your World 2015: Week 4

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