My Article Read (1-25-2015)


horse, newspaper


  1. Discovery in Delays

  2. Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets another colossal failure of self-awareness

  3. ‘The spirit of the dead Groundhog’: Mayor de Blasio warns of epic snow storm; Ignores he’s probably to blame

  4. Report: Two people shot at Manhattan Home Depot

  5. Jim Gaffigan aims some epic snark at ‘American Sniper’ detractors

  6. Daily Editorial Cartoon 1.25.15

  7. Colima Eruption Caught On Video

  8. The Differences Between Dog People And Cat People Laid Bare

  9. NASA Releases Spectacular Photo From Rover Opportunity To Mark 11th Anniversary

  10. Sheldon Silver Has Perverted The Courts As Well As The Capitol

  11. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  12. Sarah Palin goes rogue with four-letter message to Michael Moore; the left goes bananas

  13. ‘SNL’ cold open tackles Patriots’ ‘Deflategate’: ‘You can’t handle the truth!’

  14. Mom sues Target over son’s suicide ‘after humiliation of being paraded through store in handcuffs’

  15. Judge Jeanine rips Obama, Michael Moore: Chris Kyle is a true American hero!

  16. King Solomon on the US Senate 

  17. The Other Arctic Circle Cruise – Kayaking Among Icebergs

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Fear Creeps Up

  19. Joyful ‘Toons – Dark Light

  20. Sunday respite: ‘Bring him home’

  21. Quote Of The Day — January 25, 2015

    A Sunday Feel Good Story – Halted a Hooligan

  22. Harper Gets Tough on Terror, But He ‘Could Do More’

  23. Heads Up! Massive Asteroid

  24. Be Famously Happy!

  25. Why Some Churches Are Becoming Trophies of Hell

  26. As Arab Spring falters, ‘open hearts’ find God

  27. What Does Sarah Palin’s Interest in 2016 Bid Say About Our Country

  28. The Big Garden Birdwatch

  29. The price is wrong

  30. Name Change

  31. Was President George W. Bush a complete Idiot or What?

  32. a silent message

  33. Gratitude, anticipation, memories, attitude

  34. VIDEO: Christians Bloodied by Stone-Throwing Muslims… In Michigan

  35. National Weather Service Warns – Massive Snow Storm For Northeast U.S. Predicted….

  36. Oklahoma Shooting – Body Camera Video Shows Officer Shooting Suspect….

  37. Police Seek Your Help – Have You Seen This Man?

  38. Flash Movie Review: Still Alice

  39. Faith…

  40. Courageous Prosecutor Found Shot Dead Hours Before He Would Present Evidence To Congress That His Government Conspired With IRAN To Coverup Terror Attack That Killed Dozens Of Jews

  41. VIDEO: Major Homosexual Activist Confronts Christian Man, Christian Man Destroys Him In A Debate Every Christian Needs To See

  42. Notification Darling ?

  43. ISIS executes seven women in Mosul for refusing to be sex slaves in temporary marriages…

  44. Report: House RINO’s Are Breeding

  45. Billionaire with 145 foot yacht and $195 million Beverly Hills mansion want you to live with less because of climate change…

  46. A Return To Passion

  47. Elvis, Christian bloggers, and yoga pants

  48. The world’s best workout

  49. Your Perfect Imperfections…

  50. The Importance of You…

  51. The Lord said there is another attack coming

  52. God says, Your pain is birthing a great gem!

  53. The Lord says He WILL Protect His People and Israel

  54. Grrr…the witch-hunt gravy train rolls on.

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