Born A Fighter-Alex Basilavecchio



See I was born a fighter but I forget that under pressure

so I let the waves consume me and bow down to my oppressor

and the demons in my mind

control me all the time

and I become their puppet and I feel my pulse flat line

all of the evil I chose to inject

into my veins has taken effect

it’s a weight dragging me to the sea floor

and I know it’ll kill me but my brain is screaming for more

I’m addict and I know this even though I swore

that this was a good thing I can’t fool myself anymore

the tapeworm in my soul has begun to grow

I can hear you whisper “just let go”

“whatever happens it’ll be alright”

but no I won’t go down, not without a fight

if this is gonna kill me then its gonna do it right

I kick and scream with all my might

despite the fact that I’m losing oxygen

I’ll keep kicking even when

my vision fades to black

I think my ribs just cracked

gasping for breath like a blindsided quarter back

who was thrown backwards as he was tackled

these anchors are my shackles and I’m trapped underseas

negative 20 degrees

my bones are frozen and my soul’s ridden with disease

but I’ll claw my way to the surface cause I long to feel the breeze

I can’t see where I’m going I’m just trying to go up

my insiders are burning I think I’m gonna throw up

and all I know is that I can’t give up

there’s too many people who need me to let my body wash up

limp on the shore

it’s impossible to ignore

that I allowed myself to be a prisoner of war

but now I’m a soldier and I’m on the front line

I don’t need a gun, my weapons are divine

my lungs are water logged but I don’t even care

I’ve discovered that I don’t even need air

just when I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer

I discovered I have gills and I am infinitely stronger

than I ever even imagined that I could be

but I wouldn’t have known this without the adversity

I wanna kiss the ceiling then keep movin’

til I lose myself in the misty clouds

not close to perfect, but I’ll keep improving

until I make my Father proud

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