My Article Read (1-23-2015)


Freedom Of The Press


  1. Good morning,Have a good start of the new day,spread happiness

  2. Jesus Calls Us to “BE Witnesses”  Not Just “TO Witness”

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. NBC’s Richard Engel: “King Abdullah could not stand President Obama.”

  5. It Ain’t Just In Chicago – The Average American’s Reaction To President Obama’s State of The Union View…

  6. Mike Brown Family Attorney: “May File Civil Suit Against Officer Darren Wilson and Ferguson Police Dept”…

  7. Stone Cold Conservative: Sweet Emotion Wins Hearts to Cause of Liberty

  8. ‘Butthurt’: Pres. Obama finally gets asked a tough question on Boko Haram … from YouTuber Bethany Mota

  9. Is Facebook Getting Set to Manage Dissent?


  11. When this woman found out her dog was dying, she took it on an unforgettable bucket list adventure

  12. HE LIFTS US UP: Triggers and PTSD

  13. Carmel – a Garden on Fire – SoS Saturday

  14. Would you like to join them?

  15. Republicans Renee Ellmers and Jackie Walorski derail vote on 20-week abortion ban

  16. Friday Road Trip

  17. Dear Pastor, Please, Burn All The Church Growth Books You Have

  18. Quote Of The Day — January 23, 2015

  19. The Greenlips Interview with Obama

  20. Fly, Fly Away

  21. A Small Silent Prayer

  22. Daily Editorial Cartoon 1.23.15

  23. MRCTV’s Dan Joseph Asks People If We Are At War With “Radical Islam”

  24. Megyn Kelly’s success must be driving Media Matters crazy-er

  25. Obama’s doing WHAT? Rob Lowe seeks clarification that this is real life

  26. Tether Our Hearts

  27. More ‘American Sniper’ fallout: What Kid Rock wants to see happen to Michael Moore and Seth Rogen

  28. Friday’s Fiction

  29. Obama and his long dirty little fingers in Yemen

  30. —–dewy smile

  31. Narcissistic Abuse: Many Have Been Hurt and Betrayed

  32. HE LIFTS US UP: “Revolving Door Hearts”

  33. When Jesus Said No

  34. Confirmed: former French soldiers defecting to ISIS

  35. Roe v. Wade at 42

  36. Whew – meeting with YouTube stars yesterday must have really wiped out President Ribbon Cutter…

  37. Mychal Massie tells us what he really thinks of Obama and his wife…

  38. Palate cleanser needed…

  39. Demo Virginia lawmaker charged with felony for lying in court to cover up alleged sex affair

  40. How you gonna keep em after they’ve seen

  41. The Next Revival will come out of the Black Community in America

  42. Your Goliath Has Relatives

  43. From porn to purpose

  44. I Am Second

  45. Courage…

  46. Pet Sit For Free


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