My Article Read (1-21-2015) (1-22-2015)



  1. Quote Of The Day — January 21, 2015

  2. An Update on Pennsylvania’s Kathleen Kane, AG

  3. A Simple Question

  4. Daily Editorial Cartoon 1.21.15

  5. Ted Cruz On SOTU: More Cowbell , More Government , More Cowbell , More Taxes , More Cowbell , More Spending

  6. Rare , Prehistoric Frilled Shark Hauled In By Aussie Trawler

  7. “The Jester” Takes The Cyber War To The Jihadis

  8. State of the Union Turns Into Crazy Barry’s Giveaway

  9. Yesterday we had a party

  10. Moment in time?!

  11. ‘Feels unprecedented’: MSM, WH aghast Boehner didn’t inform Obama of Netanyahu invite

  12. Spurgeon – What we have in Christ

  13. The “Wonderful” Wizard of Oz

  14. President Barry Snow’s State of the Union – 2015

  15. Nuggets – The Good Shepherd

  16. HE LIFTS US UP: Do You Need to Refocus?

  17. One Thing Every Believer Need To Do

  18. Madonna and Child as Vietnamese

  19. The Years of Yesterday

  20. Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer lays into Michael Moore: ‘I’d have loved to see him say that to Chris’s face’

  21. Obamacare website sharing personal data

  22. Why I Want to Find You Mr. Right

  23. Wednesday’s Words

  24. Say Thank you

  25. Journalism Dean: “There are limits to free speech”

  26. (Audio) Obama has spoken. Now listen to a real orator

  27. Protection… and Vindication

  28. Watch your tone

  29. Serenity-Weekly Challenge


  1. Bookshelf update: Anne Applebaum’s “Gulag”

  2. Comforting: French soldiers joining ISIS

  3. Prepping for one of my free Meet Mr. Right sessions!

  4. Iran, money talks?

  5. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  6. As Promised Saint Louis Police Release 200 Photo’s of Ferguson Looters Asking For Public Help in Identification…

  7. In Case You Were Confused About It . . .

  8. Tangled Web Weaving – The Origin of The Political Ferguson Scheme Surfaces – State and Federal Officials Conspired To Fire/Pressure Police Chief Jackson…

  9. Houthi’s In Control – The Entire Yemeni Government Quits, yes Quits !…

  10. Is Obama’s portrait of the state of the world realistic or delusional?

  11. Obama proposes new tax on stay-at-home moms in SOTU speech

  12. Human Resources

  13. Yeah, You And Whose Army?

  14. I wonder if…

  15. Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Roadscapes

  16. ‘You betrayed us’! ‘Flip-flopping’ Rep. Renee Ellmers gets an earful for derailing pro-life bill

  17. ‘Finally’: New York Dem corruptocrat Sheldon Silver taken into FBI custody [photos]

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Getting in God’s Presence

  19. Daily Editorial Cartoon 1.22.15

  20. Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of TSA Whistleblower

  21. Meet The “Evil” Big Money Donors To Center For American Progress/Hillary 2016

  22. Quote Of The Day — January 22, 2015

  23. DOJ Won’t Charge Office Darren Wilson

  24. Chicago Black Activists to Obama: “We pray that congress do away with your amnesty” (Video)

  25. The Whale Sharks and Oslob’s Controversy

  26. Forgot Fox news, Bizarre Gozell Green to interview Obama

  27. Trust in the Asking

  28. Lefty Michael Moore’s ‘American Sniper’ ‘cowards’ crack still taking fire — from O’Reilly to Whoopi Goldberg!

  29. NY Times mag cover story ‘The Megyn Kelly Moment’ crushes left’s rhetoric, gives Fox News respect it deserves


  31. The Circle of Life

  32. The Simplicity of Love

  33. Criticisms and Judgmental Attitudes

  34. Distinguished Or Extinguished?

  35. Truth Or Consequences

  36. What is Your Acne Telling You?

  37. Joe ‘rape whistle’ Salazar takes shots at combat vet Sen Joni Ernst

  38. Sow in tears . . . reap in joy!

  39. Our Weasel Of The Week!!

  40. White House Officially Declared Laughingstock

  41. Why “perfect” doesn’t work with God……!

  42. This Sweet Little Old Lady Puts Out Food Everyday to Feed Those That Are Hungry.

  43. Teen’s Balloon Letter to Dad in Heaven Gets Touching Response From 400 Miles Away

  44. A 4-year-old’s Letter To God


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