My Article Read (1-20-2015)


Reading Newspaper


  1. Lost in Space

  2. The Baillon Collection Of Over 100 Vintage Automobiles Goes To Auction February 6

  3. Donna Douglas , The Beverly Hillbilly’s Elly May Clampett Has Died

  4. Sense Mamma-Wu and the Dojo

  5. A few words about the SOTU

  6. Canadian court rules that pro-life students can’t show images of abortion on campus

  7. Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” shows why America goes to war

  8. Wait, MSNBC has standards? Network bans guest who flung racist poo at Bobby Jindal

  9. James Woods spots what Michael Moore ‘is doing for American Sniper’

  10. ‘Host a party for Code Pink’: What horrors would these tweeters rather endure #ThanWatchSOTU?

  11. ‘Fanboy much?’ MSNBC slips on its own drool touting ‘Obama’s ‘Super Bowl” SOTU

  12. Lefty attack on ‘American Sniper’ brings back #LiberalWarMovies

  13. ‘Why the hell would anyone care?’ Time dishes up Obama ‘foodie’ fluff

  14. Reports: Yemen presidential palace taken over; ‘Shots fired’ at US Embassy staffers

  15. A joke?!

  16. Produced in my sleep

  17. Views from above

  18. Billy Crystal Says what Millions of Americans Would Like to Say

  19. 8 Qualities That Can Keep You from Being Ineffective and Unfruitful

  20. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  21. New Video Shows President Obama’s Non-Islamic ISIS Demanding Ransom Or They Will Behead Japanese Hostages….

  22. A State of Futility – President Edsel Talks To The Nation…

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: Does Your Life Need a Change?

  24. A Prayer for Protection~~ Psalm 91 (Paraphrased in Poetry)

  25. Government Of Spain Makes New Law: Muslims Will No Longer Be Allowed To Come Through Our Borders

  26. Quite possibly the weirdest thing you will see all day

  27. Quote Of The Day — January 20, 2015

  28. Bobby Jindal: There is No Middle Ground

  29. “House Negroes” Targeted by Soros Backed Group

  30. Former SEAL, friend of Kyle calls Michael Moore’s career ‘a confirmed kill,’ leaving CNN host stunned

  31. FBI Vault opens up UFO, Roswell Files

  32. Stand Again

  33. See How Much I Love You

  34. King Solomon, Charlie Hebdo, Wise or Foolish?

  35. Baskin Robbins Christianity

  36. American Sniper…

  37. When Glory Comes – Heaven is Revealed

  38. The Untended Orange Grove

  39. Because it is our Creator who gave the word

  40. IHOP’s Mike Bickle Calls for Christians to Pray for Franklin Graham

  41. You want me to do what 490 times?

  42. I need a miracle

  43. Surround Yourself…

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