My Article Read (1-18-2015) (1-19-2015)


Duck, Soapbox

  1. Serenity

  2. Make melody to Yahweh!

  3. Jeanine Pirro: “We’re Not Winning The War On Terror”

  4. Pay It Forward


  6. Secret Service: Shots fired near Biden’s Del. home; threat level had been raised at VP’s air base

  7. ‘What Valerie says’: Citizens use three words to preview Obama’s State of the Union

  8. ‘Every show sold out!’: Look at these lines to see ‘American Sniper’ [pics]

  9. Quote Of The Day — January 18, 2015

  10. A Sunday Feel Good Story – R.I.S.E.

  11. “Yes, THEY Can”. But I Won’t

  12. NJ Mother Sets Newborn On Fire

  13. The BBC Mocks Obama’s James Taylor “Soft Power” French Serenade

  14. Our “Religion Of Peace” Ally Saudi Arabia Shows Libs How The Real “War On Women” Is Conducted , Beheading Woman On Public Street

  15. Some funny quotes

  16. The game of sin has a payday (in this life and in the next)

  17. Weighty Words

  18. How to Capture the Almighty – SoS Saturday (is it still Saturday anywhere?)

  19. Would You Do It All Over Again?

  20. Obama nemesis defies gov’t attempt to silence him

  21. God has called you to do something great but you do not have the resources to do it.

  22. Sunday respite ‘Smiling faces sometimes’

  23. The Day I Prayed Using Curses

  24. Don’t let your circumstances have the final say….four reasons why!!!!

  25. How many times will Obama lie during the State of the Union address?

  26. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  27. You Say… GOD SAYS

  28. BO Knows Bowe – President Obama Hiding The Bowe Bergdahl Report?

  29. Obama parsing on Iran “deal”

  30. Nuggets – The lake of fire

  31. Hollywood is not America

  32. Bloody liars and propagandists:

  33. Blacks Shun Epic Black Lives Matter Michael Jackson Dance # (VIDEO)

  34. Making A Difference


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Another Homeless Man Set On Fire – This Type Of Sick Crime is Trending….

  3. Marine Le Pen (NYT Op-Ed) – Don’t Play Word Games – Call This Threat By It’s Name…

  4. Not Robbery, Execution ! – Saint Louis Hotel Manager Is 7th Murder In 24 Hour Span…

  5. Euroweenie Moonbat Award – Five-Year-Old Boy Billed £15.95 For Not Attending Birthday Party, Now Being Taken To Small Claims Court…

  6. Saudi Arabia Building 1,000 km “Great Wall” To Repel ISIS…

  7. She Needs A Hero

  8. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  9. Larry Elder calls out ‘shameless’ Obama/Big Hollywood circle of hypocrisy

  10. ‘Right now, I wanna kick your a**’: Chris Kyle’s friend Dean Cain has message for Michael Moore, Seth Rogen

  11. ‘I resign’ dominates Speaker John Boehner’s Twitter wish list for SOTU statements

  12. ‘Disingenuous loser’: Backpedaling Michael Moore says sniper ‘cowards’ slam not about Chris Kyle

  13. ‘Too late, jackass’: Seth Rogen feverishly backtracks after ‘American Sniper’ tweet

  14. 12 Dead in France and the World Marches, 2000 Dead in Nigeria and the World is Silent

  15. Can A City Be Your Soul Mate? Finding Myself in Valencia

  16. HE LIFTS US UP: Good News for the Oppressed

  17. HE LIFTS US UP: By His Wounds We are Healed

  18. Joyful ‘Toons – Knock, Knock

  19. Quote Of The Day — January 19, 2015

  20. Cruz: Dems Will Win Again if GOP Picks Moderate Candidate

  21. Could Anyone Be More Disgusting…..

  22. More, Who Can Afford To, Are Leaving Public School

  23. Blessing Our Boys

  24. Sanctity Of Life Sunday

  25. I have a problem!

  26. Two sides of Hollywood in Florida

  27. Muslim Deportation In Norway Yields 31% Drop In Crime

  28. The Woodlot

  29. What Obama will really be saying in his State of the Union Address

  30. Broken and Desperate… A Turning Point

  31. New York Times ‘angel’ Mexican Billionaire becomes 2nd largest investor

  32. Mistletoe Monday

  33. Teach for Peace

  34. Monochrome Monday: Whale Sharks

  35. Preaching And The Preacher

  36. Jo’s Monday walk : Dodging golf balls!

  37. Finally: more details on alleged first-century fragment of Mark’s gospel emerge

  38. Remember Me

  39. Do Not Click On This Red Button !

  40. Ice in the Morris Canal

  41. Instructions from Yahweh’s lips is better than . . .

  42. Report: Obama White House Behind Bergdahl Report Delay (Video)

  43. The Gift of Life – by Felicity Rooney


  45. UPDATE: Body Found in Wells County; Believed to be Missing Bluffton Child

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