My Article Read (1-16-2015)


Dog, Newspaper1


  1. Lights of Hollywood, Florida

  2. Publisher Bans Any Mention of Pork and Pigs in Books to Avoid Offending Muslims

  3. An Open Letter to Ellen DeGeneres by Larry Tomczak

  4. God Bless Australia

  5. Dear God. That lackwit John Kerry really did take James Taylor to Paris.

  6. (Video) Andrew Klavan with the revolting truth about the Senate “torture report”


  8. Black eyes

  9. ‘Blutarsky speaks for all of us’: Iowahawk sums up reaction to John Kerry’s #FolkDiplomacy

  10. Please, Stop Making Jesus an Agenda!

  11. What’s That Smell… SoS Saturday

  12. The morality police strike again

  13. Happy birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.

  14. White Water Kayaking with Amy Arnold

  15. This I Fear

  16. Why Did I Become A Doctor?

  17. Leslie Gelb: “if only Obama knew”

  18. The End–and Beginning–of the Perry Era

  19. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  20. Franklin Graham Backs Down Duke University – Islamic Prayer Call from Duke Chapel Cancelled Within 48 Hours of Announcement…

  21. Trey Gowdy Just Destroyed the Obama Administration and the Democrats with One Short Speech

  22. No Matter What Comes

  23. Friday’s Fiction

  24. Quote Of The Day — January 16, 2015

  25. A Muslim and a Pig Farmer…

  26. Jarrett: ‘Obama hasn’t forgotten a thing’ about Constitutional Law

  27. King Solomon’s Advice on Oaths to God and Laws of Man

  28. Think God Doesn’t Care? Check this Out to See Otherwise.

  29. Verbal and Emotional Abuse… is More Than Just Words Said


  31. Getting Our Feet Wet

  32. Aliens Or Natives?

  33. Kerry plays the fool in France…

  34. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un may take his clown show on the road…

  35. Fitness Friday! Your body is a temple

  36. Doc, I think I am going to die

  37. Shutting The Door On Regret

  38. Prepare for the Sound of God’s War Trumpet over the USA

  39. irony, hypocrisy and double standards alert!

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