My Article Read (1-15-2015)


Dog, Newspaper


  1. Singing the Lord’s Song in a Foreign Land: a book review.

  2. 2015: Be the Change

  3. Sarah Palin UNLOADS On Obama ➠ Don’t Miss This One!

  4. Living Water

  5. More On Republican Rep. Randy Weber

  6. Wisconsin Gun Dealer’s Audio Tapes Reveal Feds Effort To Strangle Legal Businesses Through Operation Choke Point

  7. Gun Sellers And Liberty Lovers Unite … Use Transnational For Your Financial Needs …

  8. Teen Suspect Saves Cop Suffering Cardiac Arrest

  9. ‘Vengeance is Ours,’ Say the Islamists, ‘Vengeance is Mine,’ says God

  10. Love Your Enemies?

  11. Child of the world – Crossroads

  12. Massachusetts trooper asks highway-blocking protesters an important question

  13. Inspire

  14. Maddening: Massachusetts police say protesters forced diversion of ambulance carrying crash victim

  15. Young, mature, protector

  16. Presidential posturing: candidates and gene pools

  17. Dark and Narrow

  18. Shine!

  19. The States’ War on Executive Amnesty

  20. Branco Cartoon – Hang It Up, France

  21. How Great the Father’s Love

  22. Doomed AirAsia flight pilot’s last words were ‘Allahu akbar!’

  23. Quote Of The Day — January 15, 2015

  24. The Only Sane Response

  25. House Votes to Overturn O’s Executive Immigration Action

  26. George Soros funded Ferguson discord, wants more civil action

  27. Discover a new delight at Atlantis the Palm

  28. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  29. Bloomington Minnesota Authorities File Charges Against The “FTP”/Black Lives Matter Crowd – Mall of America Protests…

  30. Sharyl Attkisson: “New Information” From State Dept To Benghazi Select Committee…

  31. Abusers and Stalkers

  32. Lookalikes

  33. The Selective Deafness Team

  34. Self-awareness fail: Request from arrested protesters as they left court is mega-ironic [photos]

  35. Islam Will be Defeated but Victory will not come because of Secular Values, but by a Small Body of Strong, Heroic, Zealous Christian Warriors

  36. Here’s a whole bunch of stuff we can’t control…

  37. ABC and NBC Tout Charlie Hedbo cover, but are too cowardly to show it…

  38. This Muslim’s Story of Converting From Jihad to Jesus Will Blow You Away

  39. Pastor of Air Asia Victims Encounters Heavenly Vision in Midst of Tragedy

  40. We are at our best when….

  41. I see naked people…

  42. The Mark

  43. If you have no opposition, then Check Yourself!

  44. More Love in the World…

  45. Keep Courage…


  47. FFS!

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