My Article Read (1-13-2015) (1-14-2015)


Dog, Newpaper2


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam Tells Intolerant Muslims To F*** Off…On Live Television

  3. Questionable Death – Fort Hood Soldier Returning From Ebola “Hot Zone” Collapses and Dies….

  4. When it is raining in Hollywood, Florida

  5. Art or magic?

  6. Artist Creates Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks To Meditate

  7. Child of the World – Be ready every day

  8. A Secret Of God’s Kingdom

  9. Man in persistent vegetative state wakes up after 12 years

  10. Residue

  11. ‘Sit back and enjoy’: Ted Cruz looks right at home taking charge of Senate [photo]

  12. ‘Je Suis to Be Kidding Me’: Jon Stewart mocks Obama, Holder for skipping the Paris march

  13. Mama Mia! Ronan Farrow’s mother makes him and MSNBC look like cowards [pic]

  14. ‘Oh snap’: ‘Snarky’ Herman Cain throws shade at Rick Santorum

  15. Almost a century later

  16. Obama stands with Muslims

  17. Read why Obama and White house deliberately snubbed the Paris Rally

  18. Quote Of The Day — January 13, 2015

  19. ISIS Is Dubbed With New One-Word Name

  20. The Glory Of The Gospel

  21. Merkel Condemns “Hate,” then German Newspaper Burned

  22. Breaking: Paris massacre caused by shape-shifting Jews looking to frame Muslims

  23. Have you seen what God has in store for you in 2015??

  24. Which Extremists Are The White House Talking About?

  25. A New Heaven and a New Earth

  26. Tuesday’s Tale

  27. Map of cyber attacks in real time for those wishing to be spellbound

  28. Shadowed

  29. White House struggles to explain why Obama was missing in Paris; Dana Perino helps – sort of

  30. Fun With Statues … Start Your Day With A Smile

  31. Eastern Connecticut Hit By 5 Earthquakes

  32. Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam To Islamists: ‘Pack Your Bags’ And ‘F**k Off’

  33. Should Africans Hate Missionaries? Consider Colonialism

  34. Verbal Abuse: “Ugly!”

  35. HE LIFTS US UP: The New You!

  36. Jesus Dismantles Religion’s Status Quo

  37. Hey, remember when Jerry Falwell beheaded that cartoonist who insulted him?

  38. Call me cynical, but…

  39. God Is About To Turn Things Around

  40. This is Merely the Beginning…

  41. Today…

  42. ‘Bureaucrats With Berettas’


  1. Judge Stops Eric Holder’s Political Prosecution of Pro-Life Activists

  2. Blue Lives Matter

  3. Reflections of a Golden Year

  4. German Chancellor COURTING Pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood While Calling For Tolerance

  5. ‘Rolling Stone fails again’: Mark Knoller calls on mag to make another correction

  6. NYT blogger @RobertMackey wants an apology from Twitchy. [Hint: Keep waiting]

  7. OCD has been put in it’s Place!

  8. Police Officers Shoot Homeless Man To Death and Use Grenades and Attack Dog

  9. Lookalikes

  10. Played at my mother in Law’s funeral

  11. Opportunities In Trials

  12. Keeping Up Appearances

  13. Yellow Snow Alert!

  14. Life is Fragile…Handle with Care

  15. Chinese Wife Hacks Off Philandering Husband’s Penis At Home , Then Hacks Off Repaired One In Hospital

  16. Penny for your thoughts

  17. FBI Arrests Ohio Man In Potential Washington DC Terror Plot…

  18. Saint Louis County Rounding Up The Looters – Will Release More Pictures of Violent Extremists Every Tuesday…

  19. Public transportation goes to the dogs

  20. Encountering God in Africa: A Memoir- Chapter Two

  21. ‘It got ugly’: NYPD, union meeting gets physical over de Blasio apology

  22. Quote Of The Day — January 14, 2015

  23. Thought For Today – Wed. January 14, 2015

  24. Did Congress Grow a Backbone?

  25. Do not mention the dread words “bacon” or “pork,” for you may offend “you know who!”

  26. Give It to God…

  27. Carlsbad: Little Explorers in a Big Cave

  28. A Secret Of God’s Kingdom

  29. Trey Gowdy’s Floor Speech on Stopping Executive Action on Immigration…

  30. What do we truly control?…

  31. From Desire to Reality: Why Setting Goals is Critical for Success

  32. Gasoline prices are down, but electric rates are still rising…

  33. Former Vladimir Putin adviser: Putin realizes that this politician is the most ineffective US president in entire history

  34. Am I part of my marriage problem?

  35. This is Merely the Beginning…

  36. FREEDOM 14

  37. Propaganda is effective.

  38. To defend freedom, you must lose your freedoms….

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