My Article Read (1-12-2015)


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  1. Department Of Health And Human Services Flies First Class


  3. Beautiful Evidence, Pretty Lies

  4. Noticing the Unnoticed

  5. Use your faith…….

  6. Christian Set to Lose Everything for Refusing to Provide Flowers for Sodomite Union

  7. Rabbi Michael Lerner Compares Islamic Extremists to Christians in US Congress

  8. One Thing Every Christian Must Understand About Sin

  9. Joyful ‘Toons – Last Days Forecast

  10. HE LIFTS US UP: Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

  11. ‘Priorities’: Hey Paris, here’s what gets you a ‘White House delegation’ [photo]

  12. ‘ISIS is here…in your PCs’: CENTCOM Twitter, YouTube accounts hacked

  13. Lapdog alert: Was Obama in a no-win situation with Paris rally? Mark Halperin thinks so


  15. No worries or one night in Crimea.

  16. See You Later

  17. Obama, Biden, Holder, top U.S. officials no-shows at Paris unity rally

  18. White House Damage Control – You Know Things Are Bad When….

  19. George Zimmerman Police Report – The Curious Case of A Broken Wine Bottle, and Swarm of Police Investigators Spanning Four Days

  20. Mike Rogers Joins CNN – Former Intelligence Gang of Eight Member

  21. Boko Haram Islamic terrorism attack in Nigeria murders hundreds of innocent people

  22. British Court Sentences Son To 6 Years For Saving Mom From Abusive Husband

  23. Despite Media Allegations , Gun Sales Continue To Climb

  24. Branco Cartoon – Pencil Power

  25. #JeSuisCharlie: Washington, DC Rallies for a Free Press

  26. Stacking The Deck

  27. Worth More

  28. Little Bo Peep

  29. World stunned by US snub: Obama, Biden had clear schedules, Holder was doing WHAT?

  30. ‘I Am Not Charlie’: Cracks In The Unity After Paris Attacks

  31. King Solomon’s Only Two Descriptive Adjectives

  32. Quote Of The Day — January 12, 2015

  33. Muslim Man at Kosher Market in Paris Hailed for Hiding Customers

  34. Jo’s Monday walk : Roker pier

  35. A Pit of Despair

  36. Are We One With God?

  37. unusual happiness in such bad times

  38. Matthew 9:6 (The Power To Forgive)


  40. Bookshelf update: Paul Johnson’s “Churchill”

  41. Tweet of the Day: NY Daily News calls out Obama for not going to Paris…

  42. “Charlie” Rallies Continue Amid Global Jihad Threat

  43. How it goes vs. how it could go

  44. Back to school

  45. Let ME Decree over Your Life this Day!

  46. 2015: End Time Message from the Throne Room

  47. Your Destiny…

  48. Take Good Notes…

  49. FREEDOM 15

  50. Where’s The Jews’ Hashtag?

  51. Kiwi ignorance, racism and stupidity, in full flight:

  52. Forgive Someone

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