My Article Read (1-9-2015)


Cat, newpaper2


  1. Friday’s Message in Music (a day late…)

  2. NEW CHANGES IN 2015

  3. Peeling Paint

  4. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  5. Gutfeld to U.S. Media: You Are Not Charlie, You’re Cowards…

  6. 3 French terror suspects killed

  7. French President Francois Hollande Says Terror Attacks Have Nothing To Do With Islam…

  8. Justice Don Willett offers Ted Cruz a ‘lawyer tip’ to use during jury selection

  9. WaPo ponders: Why didn’t France’s strict gun laws save #CharlieHebdo victims?

  10. Ayers in chronic denial

  11. Hardly a choice for the NYT

  12. About leaders

  13. Sensitivity 101: how to react during an Islamic massacre

  14. Can Someone Tell Christians to Shut Up, Please!

  15. Maturity Doesn’t mean Arrival – SoS Saturday

  16. HE LIFTS US UP: Forgiveness and Trust

  17. HE LIFTS US UP: Be Transformed

  18. Those Years of Yesterday

  19. Questions


  21. Tales out of school

  22. Anti-Islamic Feeling in Europe is Rationality, not Racism!

  23. Quote Of The Day — January 9, 2015

  24. Report: Grand Jury Recommends Criminal Charges Against Kane

  25. I Will Go

  26. Vinegar and Science

  27. If Palin and Levin Walk, the 2016 Nomination Is Not Worth Having

  28. Mooch’s new food czar to bring ‘Food Justice’

  29. The time has come for the Tea Party to Rise up in America

  30. Jesus Dismantles Religion’s Status Quo

  31. My Feelings on Victim Blaming Re: Bill Donohue Of The Catholic League

  32. Gospel music pioneer Andraé Crouch dies at 72

  33. From Someone Who Knows

  34. Affirming A Woman

  35. Make More Love…

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