My Article Read (1-7-2015) (1-8-2015)


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  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Las Vegas Police Homicide Lieutenant Asks For Public Help – Have You Seen This Man ?

  3. The Republican Party is Done….

  4. Fast Stats – Serious Crime In New York Skyrockets Since Mayor De Blasio Promoted The “FTP” Movement…

  5. Time To Say “NO”!


  7. The black people who don’t matter to Liberals

  8. BS Alert: Every 28 hours a black person is killed by a cop

  9. FAA Issues First “Permits” For Private Drone Operation

  10. Historians Reveal Contents Of Revere/Adams Time Capsule

  11. Video Of Paris Attack Emerges Showing Gunmen Shoot Wounded Cop In Head (Graphic)

  12. NHD Isn’t Dead, God’s surely alive. (Living on the inside, Dancing over us with REJOICING)

  13. Marketing—Inspiration?

  14. Profile in cowardice: UK Telegraph blurs, crops out Muhammad cartoon while reporting on Paris shooting

  15. Sally Kohn compares today’s #CharlieHebdo attack to all the ‘Christians or Jews killing in name of religion’

  16. Tweeter issues challenge to MSMers outraged by today’s #CharlieHebdo terrorist attack

  17. Faith Child – Look around!

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Another Abuse: Infidelity and Adultery

  19. Trusting GOD

  20. About That Last Election

  21.  More Than Conquerors

  22. Fort Bliss Under Fire

  23. Speaker Boehner is a Sore Winner

  24. Quote Of The Day — January 7, 2015

  25. Black Panthers Marching Against ‘Pigs’ in Dallas

  26. Gunmen Kill At Least 12 In ‘Terrorist Attack’ At French Satirical Newspaper

  27. Blessings Bestowed in Our Lack

  28. Wednesday’s Wonderings

  29. John Boehner ‘I have learned to deal with jackasses’

  30. Vote Tally Count House Speaker John Boehner 2014

  31. Election of the Speaker

  32. Epiphany: all you need is my “amen”

  33. A Humbled President? Guess again America!

  34. Price of a glass of water

  35. God’s “I Wills”

  36. Ding Dong, the GOP is Dead … as Boehner Clings to Power

  37. The Other Side Of The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

  38. What to Do If Your Christian Book Isn’t Getting Published

  39. Suicide: The ultimate act of selfishness…

  40. How come every time Harry Reid gets injured, he looks beat up?

  41. There are Powerful Forces in the world, but the Lord says, “Who am I?”

  42. When Bridges Fail

  43. Your Story…

  44. Three Things…

  45. A question for our political overlords:

  46. TV Star Gives Prescription to Cure America’s Ills; Leftists Will Hate it; Americans Will Love it


  1. A New Day…

  2. ‘Amen, Pat’: Pat Sajak stands with France in wake of terrorist attack [pic]

  3. Talking Points Memo piece accuses Charlie Hebdo of ‘racism’

  4. ‘Isn’t that the damn TRUTH!’ Travis Tritt makes great point about treatment of gun owners

  5. Careful what you ask for: Barbara Boxer’s staff solicits thank you notes for retiring senator

  6. Colo. Springs Gazette: FBI is investigating whether ‘NAACP bomber’ targeted hair salon

  7. Quote Of The Day — January 8, 2015

  8. Third Terror Alert in Paris

  9. The Courts control your Private Life

  10. America and capitalism (facts and thoughts)

  11. What I see every day?

  12. Spread The Mohammad Cartoons Far And Wide

  13. January 8th 1835 … The One And Only Day That The US National Debt Was $0.00

  14. Knife-Wielding Jihadi Shot Dead Attempting To Kill Airport Cops In Ohio

  15. Arc de Triomphe

  16. Wonderful thoughts on oneness!

  17. A dusky beauty

  18. A new exhibition

  19. Rep. Mick Mulvaney Offers Up Lame Excuses Why He and Others Voted for Boehner

  20. Former CBS Correspondent Sues Obama over Computer Hacking

  21. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  22. Cartoon Artists Respond

  23. Senator Lindsey Graham: “We are in a religious war”…

  24. The Insane Moonbattery of MSNBC – Moral Relevancy of Jerry Falwell Suing Hustler Similar To Jihadists Killing 12 Cartoonists….

  25. Egypt’s Sisi First Egyptian President Ever To Attend Coptic Christmas Mass…

  26. Reach out and deport someone

  27. Sheep Without a Shepherd

  28. 2 Wrongs… Do Not Make a Right

  29. HE LIFTS US UP: Bent, Broken, or even Pulverized


  31. Cherish the Moments

  32. Smell Fox and The Sky in his Pajamas

  33. A giant leap for medicine ?

  34. The Opening

  35. Thursday’s Truth

  36. Delivering Dreams

  37. Warren slams Clintons at AFL-CIO meeting

  38. GOP Puts Final Nail in Party’s Coffin

  39. Seeing And Hearing

  40. There Are some Bad Cops, but the Real Problem Is Bad Laws

  41. #JeSuisCharlieHebdo — the massacre in Paris and freedom of speech

  42. Here’s how we deal with dangerous rogue cops in Idaho…

  43. Pandering and Politically Correct Slaughter in Paris…

  44. I AM Moving My People!

  45. Remember when we all voted for her to control our kids lunches in schools?

  46. Minnesota ‘Lord’ Sentenced to Prison After Living on Million-Dollar Yacht While Collecting Public Assistance

  47. The esteemed Francis Porretto:

  48. ‘The European Civil War:

  49. TV Star Steve Harvey Has A Message For Atheists That They’re Not Going To Like One Bit!!


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