My Article Read (1-6-2015)


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  1. The Growing Trend of Sled Banning…

  2. President Obama Vowing To Veto Keystone Bill If Passed By GOP Congress…

  3. Boehner. Again.

  4. Saint Louis Police Release Photographs of Looters – Seeking Public Help Identifying Looting Suspects…

  5. Supporting Chiara and finding our Calcutta

  6. Monday’s Memo!

  7. If you do these things then you are not a member of God’s kingdom

  8. Huckabee 2016?

  9. Liberal New York Mayor Whines about Police

  10. ‘Old dude Viagra lobbying group?’ Jeb Bush’s new PAC sparks facepalms, snickers

  11. ‘More machine than man now’: Harry Reid fought the treadmill — and ‘the treadmill won’

  12. Overnight: 2 NYPD officers shot and wounded; Manhunt underway [pics]

  13. ‘Unembarrassable’? Why was Al Sharpton’s Viagra prescription found in Sandy Rubenstein’s home?

  14. The Savagery of Dan Savage Who Savages Parents of Dead Child

  15. Liberal Mayors Spreading Anti-Police Sentiment

  16. Don’t go breaking my heart

  17. Star of wonder, star of light

  18. More Of Obama’s Smart Diplomacy In Action As State Dept Pays Respects To Terrorist Captives Not Yet Dead

  19. Columbian Fireworks Factory Explosion Knocks Reporter On His *ss … Video Here

  20. Bambi’s Not Dead!

  21. HE LIFTS US UP: Beneath the Surface of Abuse

  22. HE LIFTS US UP: In the Blink of an Eye

  23. Verbal Abuse: “SLUT!”

  24. Know The Signs

  25. This Tea Party Newcomer Is in Thick of Fight to Replace House Speaker

  26. Quote Of The Day — January 6, 2015

  27. Politico, Gene Demby & the Lie of the “New Civil Rights Movement”

  28. Don’t Get Comfortable in the Single’s Life

  29. Passing Through The Red Door

  30. As Christianity declines in Europe, churches are put up for sale

  31. Now, Begin Your Day.

  32. Black protesters get mocked for interrupting ‘whitey’ brunches this weekend

  33. Love Your Enemies

  34. ‘Okay Google — What Went Wrong With Liberalism?’

  35. Come to the Living Proof World Convention

  36. The next House Speaker cry baby John Boehner?

  37. Warmth, legs, new (photo challenges)

  38. Cappuccino or a day when we were very rich

  39. Let It Go

  40. Genesis 15:17-18 (The Covenant)

  41. Is Dennis Prager right about Pope Francis?…

  42. Boehner: In or Out?…

  43. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicates willingness to help Obama finish his destruction of America…

  44. What a Breath of Fresh Air! Watch Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Pray for Spiritual Awakening in America

  45. Ferguson Moves From “Ruin to Revival” Following Outreach by Christian Organizations

  46. Laying Down Your Painful History

  47. Grace Things

  48. Dear Congress…GROW A SET ALREADY!!!

  49. Allow Yourself to be Seen…

  50. Why Authority over Sin is not a Myth

  51. WTF! Dylan Thomsen needs to get out more.


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