My Article Read (1-5-2015)


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  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Mike Brown Grand Juror Sues To Remove Gag Order….

  3. “No Justice, No Quiche” The #Blackbrunch Planning Manual and Rulebook (For Black Eyes Only)

  4. Mitch McConnell – “Eager” To Work With President To Deliver ObamaCare, Common Core, and Comprehensive Immigration Reform, ie. Amnesty…

  5. ‘Here we go!’ CNN tells how Chris Christie’s love of the Cowboys could help him in 2016

  6. Schadenfreude-tastic: Pity party thrown for Harvard faculty who loved Obamacare until it hit THEM

  7. Number of House Republicans who will vote against John Boehner increases

  8. ‘MAN OF THE PEOPLE’: Jeb Bush kicks off 2016 ‘exploration’ in Greenwich, Conn.

  9. Faith Child – You won’t escape adversity

  10. Please pray for families of victims of Air Asia Flight 8501

  11. HE LIFTS US UP: From Brokenness to Joy

  12. Cry for Help From Hidden Abuses

  13. Kid Rock Ticked Off the ‘Gay’ Speech Police

  14. Bachmann’s Final Blast Turns Table on Caustic Critic

  15. Juggernaut of conservative legislation coming to a state near you

  16. Branco Cartoon – The Cavalry

  17. Egypt’s President Sisi calls for Islamic Religious Revolution

  18. I am also a proud Israeli Zionist Arab Muslim!

  19. Fix my eyes releases later today

  20. Fox News Pundit Says Huckabee Won’t be President

  21. Quote Of The Day — January 5, 2015

  22. Thought for Today – Jan. 5, 2015

  23. Return To Sender. Agenda Unknown

  24. Comfort, Hope and a Smile

  25. Words of Encouragement for 2014

  26. Alabama Man Killed By Cops While Attempting To Save Stray Cat

  27. The Boehner Rebellion

  28. Are we still a Judeo-Christian Country?

  29. Navy veteran, 100, cheered for standing up to protesters at medal ceremony

  30. Sweet, sweet schadenfreude: Harvard faculty who championed #Obamacare angry for being subject to Obamacare

  31. The death of free speech in Scotland: “Cultures rot from the bottom up”

  32. Awe and Reverence

  33. Lord, What Are You Trying To Teach Me?

  34. Obama pines over death of his muse, sports Stuart Scott

  35. Jo’s Monday walk : Whitby in Winter

  36. No Return Policy

  37. A Sports TV Legend Passes, Colleagues Reflect

  38. “Culture and Political Psychology”

  39. Cops ignore Bratton, turn backs on de Blasio at officer’s funeral

  40. First Monday of 2015

  41. War on fun: Some cities banning sledding over liability issues…

  42. “A Word For 2015: How Will You Prepare The Way For The Lord?”

  43. Fiddling While the Church Burns–Some Fun With a Tall Tale

  44. This Season is Different!

  45. to go on, and be in love again

  46. The War Against Cops – Parts 1, 2 and 3

  47. Surprise Yourself This Year…

  48. Standing Ground and Not So Much

  49. The face of a traitor

  50. Kangaroo population explodes in western Queensland, damages grazing country, locals say

  51. Blue Lives Matter


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