My Article Read (12-31-2014) (1-1-2015) (1-2-2015


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  1. Parents Outraged Over Play-Doh’s “Phallic Froster”

  2. A.F. Branco’s 2014 Legal Insurrection Cartoons

  3. UN Security Council rejects Palestinian Statehood

  4. The 2014 Twitchys: Top 10 most glorious Photoshop jobs of the year

  5. Year-end roundup: Twitchy’s 15 most read stories of 2014

  6. Twitchy presents the top ten bizarre on-air moments of 2014

  7. Twitchy remembers 20 notables who passed away in 2014

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. Defend Me !! – New York Mayor Bill De Blasio Solicits Democrats To Attack Police In His Defense….

  10. New York Consequences – NYPD Arrest and Activity Enforcement Drops Dramatically…

  11. The Most Embarrassing Media Moments from 2014

  12. John 19:4-5 (Too Much of a Bad Thing)

  13. John 9:35-38 (Complete)

  14. Foot loose and free

  15. Whatever floats the boat

  16. Do this one thing and you will not fear the New Year.

  17. Out with the old, in with the new

  18. I should have asked Santa for one of these

  19. Ready or not, here it comes

  20. New Year’s resolutions?

  21. Happy New Year!

  22. Quote Of The Day — December 31, 2014

  23. What Was the Most Absurd Headline in 2014?

  24. Blessed are the Invited

  25. Thoughts This Wintry Morning

  26. Obama’s foreign policy explained by the British –humor

  27. Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage

  28. Dreaming our Dreams…

  29. HE LIFTS US UP: Bright Light Through the Darkness

  30. Living A Blessed Life

  31. My Journey Back in Time to Petra

  32. BREAKING: Protesters Storm St. Louis Police Headquarters

  33. Animal rights wackos free hippo from circus…hippo hit by car and killed…

  34. Hypocrites, special ones?

  35. It’s like a to do list for the first week of January

  36. Happy NEW year—-peace to all

  37. Looking Back

  38. Totalitarian Sweden

  39. Jawohl, Frau Merkel.




  2. Pentagon Continues To Up-Arm Local Police As 4,000 More Assault Rifles Shipped Since Ferguson

  3. US , Australia Defeat UN Bid For Palestinian Statehood , Britain Abstains … France Shamefully Sucks Up To The Terrorists

  4. Greedy Teen Thugs Try To Rob Gun Store A Second Time , One Dead The Other Wounded … Thanks To Gun Shop Owner , And A Gun

  5. Prayer For 2015

  6. Have A Meaningful New Year

  7. Follow the Recipe

  8. Faith Child – You need not be Whoopi Goldberg

  9. New Year’s Blessings

  10. Happy New Year from Public Secrets

  11. Dennis Prager: which sin is the worst sin?

  12. John 9:39-41 (Get Real)

  13. My Wish for You

  14. Glorify with the Gifts

  15. Horrifying ISIS ‘Guide for Jihadi Mothers’ Surfaces Online

  16. What is my way?

  17. Branco Cartoon – The End Is Near

  18. National Magazine Deliberately Launched Attack On Christianity At Christmas –

  19. Happy new year

  20. Quote Of The Day — January 1, 2015

  21. Military is not so happy with the Big O

  22. Happy New Year!

  23. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  24. 2014 – The Last Refuge Year In Review

  25. Shooting At The Wrong Goal

  26. Change: After the election is over, Wendy Davis admits she doesn’t really support open carry…

  27. Billy Graham: ‘If I Could Make Only One Resolution, It Would Be This…

  28. Damaged Goods

  29. Opening Up Our Spiritual Arteries

  30. Blog Appreciation Award

  31. Happy New Year!


  33. All In A Knight’s Work

  34. Why People Continue in Sin Even After Salvation


  1. Weird Al Yankovic makes a pretty decent case for ‘wind power’

  2. ‘Misread my meter’: Now THIS is a big water bill

  3. ‘Went too far when he teamed with Obama’: Rep. Bridenstine will vote against Boehner

  4. ‘Covered by Obamacare’? Harry Reid hospitalized after ‘exercise accident’

  5. New for you, new for me

  6. Dan Rockwell and a four letter word


  8. Ankle flash causes Muslim outrage

  9. Putin and Obama

  10. Two Women Assault Cop; Warrant Issue for Their Arrest

  11. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  12. President Obama Announces Sanctions Against Korea For Cyber Hacking…

  13. I Had A “Nappy” New Year

  14. Ivory Tower ~ SoS Saturday

  15. Leave It All Behind

  16. Quote Of The Day — January 2, 2015

  17. BREAKING: Two West Virginia Cops Shot


  19. Yesterday Was A Good Day

  20. Follow the Recipe

  21. John 19:6-7 (Twisted Logic)

  22. Snow-bound Californians now paying “Global Warming” gas tax hike

  23. Where Are You?

  24. Obama and Russia – He never catches on??

  25. Mario Cuomo dies as son is sworn in; see why respect for ‘Super Mario’ transcends parties

  26. Police say De Blasio just dealt them another blow with judicial appointment

  27. John “Dem Lite” McCain Using His Clout to Purge Arizona GOP Of Tea Party

  28. Get on the museum trail!

  29. Eight predictions for 2015


  31. 19 states raised minimum wages yesterday…

  32. Considering the wind will bury your dream

  33. Great and Terrible Changes in 2015!

  34. The War Against Cops – Part 1 of 3

  35. Eggs and Foreskin

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