My Article Read (12-29-2014)


On Soapbox


  1. Photo Walk: Lotus

  2. Stunning rock formations in Boracay Island

  3. Boracay Island Sunset

  4. Festival Dolls and Precious Moments Collection at Sampaguita Gardens Resort


  6. What is Sin?

  7. Canada Refuses To Sign U.N. Small Arms Treaty

  8. In Time-Honored Tradition , NSA Answers ACLU’s FOIA Request With Huge Document Dump On Christmas Eve

  9. Washington Appeals Court Produces Another Legal Victory For Self-Defense

  10. John 19:1-3 (Hail the King!)

  11. Great grandmother florist is the latest victim of the gay inquisition

  12. Minimalist?

  13. Very far and very close

  14. The Gift of God

  15. Nuggets – What is the glory of God?

  16. Joyful Toons – Strong Tower

  17. Faithful Obedience

  18. The Grinch who stole the election

  19. The quiet operator

  20. Slow Down! Slow Down? Are You Kidding?

  21. Quote Of The Day — December 29, 2014

  22. Is the US on a Cop Killing Spree?

  23. Silent Majority Finally Speaks Out – Sea of Blue

  24. Comedian Jim Norton goes off on United Airlines, other customers join in

  25. Troll-tastic! The Democrats go cruisin’ for a bruisin’ with this tweet

  26. School nativity play includes Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…. Stalin?

  27. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  28. Executive Privilege – U.S. Soldiers Forced To Relocate Wedding So Obama Could Play Golf…

  29. President Obama’s NPR Interview Shows Massive Amount of Cognitive Dissonance…

  30. Overnight – LAPD Assassination Attempt – Two Suspects Open Fire On Los Angeles Police Car… *update* One Suspect Captured *update* Second Suspect Avoids Capture..

  31. Media Silent on Copy Cat Police Assassination Attempt in North Carolina…

  32. Doug Ross @ Journal – The 2014 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners #Fab50

  33. Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred

  34. What to Pack for an Antarctica Sailing Adventure

  35. Guess which cable news network had worst ratings since 2005

  36. Army couple forced to change wedding plans with 24 hours notice so Obama could play golf…

  37. Word for the Year 2015 by Larry Ecker, a Prophet

  38. 2015: A Powerful Release of Revelation of the Word (by Ian Johnson)

  39. Poor Al Sharpton – HE’S the Victim Now

  40. Curves Ahead

  41. Mayor Bill De Blasio Booed During Today’s NYPD Graduation Ceremony

  42. 2015: The End Of The Beginning Of The Obama Era


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