My Article Read (12-23-2014) (12-24-2014)




  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Bloody Hands

  3. Al Sharpton and New York Agitators Say They Will Not Pause Protests For Grieving Cops – Tell De Blasio To Go Spit…

  4. Cats vs. Christmas Trees

  5. Grief knows no color: Preaching peace on earth and goodwill toward men during a race war.

  6. What It Means To Be a Policeman

  7. ‘Are you really this dumb?’ Ta-Nehisi Coates blames dissing of de Blasio on racism

  8. Must read: Montel Williams smacks down the WaPost’s Paul Farhi

  9. Vacationing president to dispatch Joe Biden to Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral

  10. Greta Van Susteren zings Al Sharpton on his unpaid taxes

  11. With ‘The Interview’ back on, James ‘Flacco’ Franco gets back at President Obama [pics]

  12. Quote Of The Day — December 23, 2014

  13. Thought for Today – Dec. 23, 2014

  14. CDC Hiding the Number of Possible Ebola Cases in US

  15. Who’s Funding the Race-Baiter Al Sharpton?

  16. All Lives Matter!

  17. PSA for Children to Steal Firearms, Bring Them to School

  18. The Cutest Video! Excited Puppy Spots its Owner!

  19. One of the murdered NYPD police officers was a chaplain-in-training

  20. Nuggets – Problems, problems, problems

  21. He Lifts Us Up: “Let My People Go”

  22. Cat nuts roasting by an open fire

  23. Don we now our gay apparel

  24. Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

  25. He is the King

  26. Which way?

  27. Yes – to love and friendship! No – to hatred!

  28. Jesus is the Reason for the Season…Merry Christmas America

  29. No Explanation Necessary

  30. By George, I think she’s got it

  31. Gov. Walker puts National Guard on standby, after another officer is exonerated in black death

  32. ‘How many more dead police officers will the mob want’?

  33. Obama and his Civilian security force

  34. Christmas Eve

  35. Daily Video 12.23.14

  36. A Blessing Surprise

  37. From A Trough To The Cross

  38. “Our God is a dancing God! He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy! Zephaniah 3:17” Let the Great Dance Party Begin!

  39. Ten Rites of Passage We Must Complete Before Receiving God-Given Influence and Authority — Joseph Mattera

  40. Accelerated Maturity

  41. Choose to be happy,

  42. Which Way?

  43. The Seekers

  44. This may slow down recruitment… spread the word

  45. To The Race-Baiters: I Am No More Responsible For Slavery Than You Are The Irish Potato Famine

  46. Is the White House press office hiding Obama’s #Benghazi photos, @PressSec?

  47. The Struggle Is Real: Federal government studying “cancer inequality”

  48. Always Winter

  49. I Don’t Wanna! Hard Work and Affirmations

  50. Merry Christmas from the Resisters!

  51. Joy is… the company of strangers

  52. Prayer: Christ The Saviour

  53. From One Addict to Another…

  54. A very happy Christmas

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