My Article Read (12-15-2014)




  1. Media pushing deranged ‘lone wolf’ narrative in Sydney; This flashback reminder will enrage you

  2. Whoopi Goldberg gives Beverly Johnson ‘3rd degree’ over Cosby drug/rape charges

  3. ‘Hate Sheikh’ Haron, #sydneysiege gunman, was vengeful Iranian immigrant with mile-long rap sheet

  4. ‘Journalism’ zingers: Pat Sajak decides between online courses while fact-checking Rolling Stone

  5. Quote Of The Day — December 15, 2014


  7. Drudge tweet

  8. John 18:25-27 (That Stupid Rooster)

  9. Bumper Sticker Of The Day

  10. NYC College Professor Arrested During Anti-Police Protests For Assault – Carried Bag Full of Hammers To Crack Some Skulls….

  11. Australian Jihadist Took Hostages To Prove Islam Is Religion of Peace…

  12. The Great Campus Rape Hoax…

  13. Are Blackmail Reports About John Boehner True?

  14. Laura Ingraham Rips the Omnibus Spending Bill

  15. Here’s an Example of God’s Judgment on America

  16. Aussie Police Storm Lindt Chocolat Cafe & End Siege , At Least Two Dead Including Gunman

  17. Long Island “Teabagger” Mom Awarded $1.2 Mil For False Arrest

  18. Josh Bernstein Calls For Boehner’s Head

  19. Have A “Mary” Christmas

  20. Nuggets – The Called

  21. HE LIFTS US UP: Broken and Smashed… But Useable in God’s Hands

  22. Abusive Threats

  23. 25 Travel Books in Time for the Holidays

  24. American military personnel commit shocking illegal act in public venue

  25. Wreck the halls

  26. Just Once, to be First in Line

  27. Branco Cartoon – Scaredy-cat

  28. Texas Pushes for Open Carry

  29. With little help from GOP, Ted Cruz corners Harry Reid to make a point conservatives will remember

  30. HS student goes on strike to get Ten Commandments returned to school; national media pays attention

  31. Prayer and Praise

  32. New York Doctor Charged With Abortion And Strangulation In Allegedly Forcing Girlfriend To Swallow Morning After Pill

  33. Taxpayers on hook for banks 303 trillion dollars of derivatives

  34. RINOS Beware: Sean Hannity Yanks Karl Rove Off The Air!

  35. She’s 12 Years-Old Only. He’s 37. Look What She Does At Their Weeding! Stunning!

  36. New Militia Has now Risen and Thousands of Christian Warriors have Enlisted to take up arms, and destroy Islamic Terrorists from Christian Lands

  37. Tweet of the Day: Islamic flag displayed at hostage-taking in Sydney…

  38. Fun Video: Porch Package Thief Steals Box Of Poop

  39. Are you a Christian hyper-skeptic?

  40. I need your help please

  41. Monochrome Monday: Winter Walk in Kralingse Forest


  43. #TortureReport: I look forward to the Republican report of how much Democrats knew

  44. “Torture Report” is ALL About Liberalism

  45. Brush With A Superhero

  46. That mythical “backlash”

  47. Liars.

  48. Thousands of Christian Children in Egypt Pray to be “Change-Makers”.

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