My Article Read (12-14-2014)




  1. Yesterday, Today and Forever

  2. Encourage, Love and Do Good

  3. Quote Of The Day — December 14, 2014


  5. From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File For Dec 14 2014

  6. A Sunday Feel Good Story – The Mouse Hunter

  7. Sen. Ted Cruz Raises Constitutional Point of Order Against Amnesty in CRonmnibus

  8. ‘Betrayal’: Republican knives are out for Ted Cruz because ‘strategy’

  9. Greenpeace: We Spit on Your Sacred Spaces

  10. A reminder that North Korea is evil

  11. Conspiracy Craziness: John McCain created ISIS, and the “Caliph” is a Jewish agent

  12. Is Confirmation Bias robbing you?

  13. Joyful Toons – Faith Fuel

  14. Nuggets – Peace, peace, when there is no peace

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: The Narrow Gate

  16. HE LIFTS US UP: Broken… So Broken

  17. God Hears…

  18. Fight, Flight, or “Freeze” Tonic Immobility

  19. Dear Pastor, Is the question why am I speaking out or is it why are you being silent?

  20. The Week’s Dumbest Tweets … Liberal Style

  21. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement 12.13.14

  22. Feinstein Fail: Two Thirds Of Americans Refuse To Rule Out Torture As An Interrogation Method

  23. Shameful Episode As High School Coach Flings Player By Her Hair … She’s Suspended , He’s Unpunished

  24. Police Union Encourages Cops To Ban de Blasio From Their Funerals

  25. Values of Obama

  26. Ivy Leagues’: Activism is US

  27. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  28. Deck the halls

  29. Saudi man tells police he has permit for dead child in his trunk; officer lets him go

  30. Al Sharpton’s DC rally descends into chaos; grumbling over VIP section

  31. Love and care

  32. Dance of a snake

  33. Sunday respite: ‘Mary did you know?

  34. Dear Republican Party. We’ve handed you the Keys to Our Country

  35. When This Dad Gets Taken Hostage By His Baby The Results Are Hilarious. –

  36. Governor Sarah Palin: “Whose Side Are You On”

  37. Lots of candidates for Boehner replacement in list of Cromnibus NO-votes

  38. Twenty GOP Senators voted against Point of Order questioning Constitutionality of Obama’s Illegal Immigrant EO (List is here)

  39. It’s Time to rebuild the Spoiled House



  42. Abba, will Raise You Up!

  43. Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us

  44. A BLUE DAY

  45. This is what is wrong with public education.

  46. Finally…bananas with no bones !

  47. Pigs

  48. Bleeding heart idiots: a word in your ear:

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