My Article Read (12-12-2014)


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  1. Faith Child – women working outside the home

  2. Beauty from the Ground Up – SoS Saturday

  3. Nuggets – My King of Old

  4. Weapon of Choice Video


  6. Who were those shepherds that saw the angels that Christmas night?

  7. Drug Smuggler Sues United States because of Border Patrol Dog bite

  8. Puh-leeze! This theory why Elizabeth Warren is gaining popularity leaves ‘em laughing

  9. ‘No, we aren’t’: Obama claims Americans all ‘on the same team’ politically

  10. Awesome Time-Lapse Video Shows Clouds Filling The Grand Canyon

  11. How Politics & Culture Collaborate with Killers by Gun Control

  12. Dog shaming

  13. Calvin’s snowmen

  14. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  15. Pull Your Boots On

  16. Christmas CRomnibus

  17. It’s their law school and they’ll cry if they want to

  18. What We Don’t Know

  19. John 9:18-23 (What They Thought)

  20. John 18:22-24 (Where Is The Justice)

  21. Watch how Rick Perry handles the insulting question MSNBC would NEVER ask a Democrat

  22. ‘Boehner and White House win’: Omnibus bill passes 219-206 – here are the 67 Republicans who voted NO

  23. Diligent for All of Our Days

  24. The ‘Torture Report’: a Soldier’s Response

  25. Quote Of The Day — December 12, 2014

  26. Thought for Today – Dec. 12, 2014

  27. How About Some GOOD News ?

  28. Cavuto: Sheriffs Head To Washington To Protest President’s Immigration Actions

  29. Another new Gruber video – he boasts of helping to write Obamacare

  30. Tuscany Tour: Day 3 – Pisa

  31. A Perfect Memory

  32. John Boehner: Spending bill passage sets up ‘direct challenge’ to executive amnesty

  33. Free choices in B & W

  34. Spending bill passed: Would someone please tell me what the hell’s going on?…

  35. American voters really want Congress to keep investigating IRS targeting of Tea Party…

  36. “Prophetic Word: Time For a Sudden Turnaround!”

  37. Where was God when I needed Him most?

  38. Rewriting Your History

  39. Friday’s Fiction

  40. ON A STICK

  41. Memorable Travels of 2014

  42. The Right Now Spirit

  43. D.C. Whispers: Hillary Clinton Seethes Against “Saint of 2016″

  44. ‘RINO season opens soon’

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