My Article Read (12-10-2014) (12-11-2014)


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  1. Quote Of The Day — December 10, 2014

  2. Thought for Today – Dec. 10, 2014

  3. Felons In The Peoples’ House ?

  4. Uruguay Says Resettled Gitmo Islamonazis Can Leave

  5. Big Brother Maymo To The Rescue When Little Sister Penny Comes Under Attack By Toy Snake

  6. San Francisco Bay Area Braces For Hurricane – Force Storm

  7. Bogus Federal “Emergency Alert” Sends Kentuckians Scrambling

  8. Lois Lerner And DOJ Conspired Against Tea Party In The Months Before 2010 Midterms

  9. Making spirits bright

  10. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  11. Just Because You Might Need To Watch This Too…

  12. Ben Shapiro: Republicans Secretly Want Obama’s Amnesty

  13. Nuggets – How firm a Foundation

  14. Falling Oil Prices are Destroying OPEC

  15. U.S. Congresswoman’s Husband Killed by Obamacare Incentives

  16. A Prayer regarding Trey Gowdy

  17. Legal Insurrection wins FOIA suit over David Gregory gun law non-prosecution

  18. Roaring Blaze in Los Angeles May Really Be “Man-Caused Disaster”

  19. Texas’ Merry Christmas Law

  20. In and Out of Season

  21. Troopers take pity on 87-year-old they pulled over; drive her 350 miles to see sick son

  22. Comrade Boehner offers 10 lies in support of Omnibus budget bill

  23. Congresswoman Lummis heartbreaker story with Obamacare

  24. Quotes of Joseph Addison

  25. Finding My Way Home

  26. Well America,…Why are we here ? by AFVet

  27. Unconditional Surrender

  28. When science fiction becomes reality: US Navy deploys laser weapon

  29. The Power of Worshipping God

  30. #4 in Final Music Videos: “GIVE IT ALL” HE IS WE Music

  31. It’s December 10th…

  32. Climate Alarmists Heartache: Global Warming isn’t behind California’s drought.

  33. The Devil’s Kryptonite

  34. Enough Already! Fed Up Christians Come Out in Force to Keep “Christ in Christmas” Parade, Despite Ridiculous Atheist Ban

  35. Gone but not forgotten Minot, ND

  36. Kingdom Prayer

  37. It’s about to Rain Judgment

  38. Insecurity and Jealousy are Killing Unity!

  39. Once a verse, turned fairy-tale ——-

  40. OLD HAT

  41. Water the Tree of Liberty or Hang Them From It

  42. Patients As Bullies

  43. Americans’ Response To Torture Report: “SO WHAT?”

  44. For want of a nail…

  45. ‘So Some Terrorists Got Waterboarded…

  46. Any experts out there?



  1. Tuscany Tour: Day 2

  2. John 18:19-21 (What Are You Really About?)

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. Smidgen Mail – Justice Department Was Involved In IRS Targeting, Lerner Emails Reveal…

  5. Cruzian Hubris

  6. #Obamacare: Good news! Your tax dollars pay for foreign diplomats’ health care!

  7. Vote Tally Count Omnibus budget bill

  8. Omnibus Budget deal to cut retirees benefits for millions

  9. S.C. Rep. Jeff Duncan is feeling schoolhouse rocked [pic]

  10. A Perfect Memory

  11. What’s The Score?

  12. Quote Of The Day — December 11, 2014

  13. 23 States Join Greg Abbott’s Law Suit

  14. Louie Gohmert Explains Who Gruber Called Stupid

  15. I’m dreaming of a nonspecific inoffensive holiday

  16. A little seasonal humor

  17. All of the other reindeer USED to laugh and call him names

  18. Those Days of Youth

  19. King Solomon’s Top Story

  20. Dogfriend or roommate?

  21. He’s a Mean One, but a Charmer – The Grinch Musical

  22. Exposing Abuse…

  23. “Poems Up in Heaven”

  24. Access denied: cancer care on chopping block

  25. Boehner spending bill deficit tally: $3.8 trillion in the 3.8 years

  26. Tell me something good.

  27. My dearest child, I really hate you sometimes you little…

  28. Board Torture

  29. D.C. Whispers: Republicans In “Shouting Match” Over Budget Deal

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