My Article Read (12-9-2014)


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  1. And what would you like for Christmas, young fellow?

  2. The spirit of Christmas past

  3. Redneck Christmas decorations

  4. When Everything Is Outlawed , Everyone Is An Outlaw

  5. “Pugsley Addams” Has Passed

  6. Eric Garner’s Wife Denies Sharpton’s Racism Charges To His Face

  7. Another Obama First: He Has Presided Over Most Democratic Losses In Modern History

  8. ‘Body parts coming off’: Trey Gowdy takes sniveling Jonathan Gruber ‘to the woodshed’

  9. ‘Get over your damn glibness’! O-care victim Rep. Cynthia Lummis rips into Jonathan Gruber [Vine]

  10. ‘Sometimes I love Issa so hard’! Darrell Issa to Jonathan Gruber: ‘Are you stupid?’

  11. John 18:15-18 (Denied)

  12. John 9:17 (What Do You Think)

  13. There is No Executive Order on Amnesty

  14. Christmas Bells

  15. Unconditional Surrender

  16. Chivalry and Jesus

  17. Nuggets – I will never leave thee

  18. Decree And Establish

  19. “Poems Up in Heaven”

  20. Quote Of The Day — December 9, 2014

  21. How to Beat Your Wife – Step by Step

  22. CIA Being Thrown Under the Bus by the Left

  23. Tuscany Tour: Day 1

  24. What is Love? – a simple (complex) question

  25. Islamic State ups their ante

  26. Providing aid and comfort to our enemies

  27. Too Little, Too Late

  28. More Doubt Cast on Lena Dunham’s Rape Story

  29. Punk protester tries to provoke cop into doing something stupid, watch what he gets instead

  30. When a Dem gets caught in a lie . . . official’s BIZARRE on-camera reaction

  31. Purposeful Pursuit

  32. No…Not Dead…Just Getting Beasty and Inspired!

  33. John Boehner is trying to pass a $1 trillion spending bill before conservatives can read it


  35. 5 Winter Adventures in Big Bear for Non-Skiers

  36. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  37. Trey Gowdy to Jonathan Gruber: Did You Apologize Because You Said It Or Meant It?…

  38. A warning on sugar coating the truth

  39. I like my Christianity like I like my coffee…

  40. The Evidence Of Your Journey

  41. Follow me!

  42. The Burger Man


  44. Recipe for Deliciousness

  45. Written by a Black Man from Chicago… I’ll let it speak for itself.. Interesting to say the least

  46. Boobie activists flayed

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