My Article Read (12-8-2014)


newspaper, glass


  1. Indict the bastard

  2. ‘Republicans Reject Their Mandate

  3. A damn good question:

  4. ‘Who is Leading and Financing the Orc Army of the Left?

  5. Democrats (Harry Reid) Spent Millions To Elect Trojan Horse Greg Orman

  6. Brilliant!! – SABO’s Latest Work – “Rolling Dunham”

  7. Survey of U.S. military personnel shows steep drop in morale from 2009 to 2014

  8. John 10:11 (The Good Shepherd)

  9. John 15:12-14 (Love)

  10. John 18:12-14

  11. We need a little Christmas

  12. Name that tune!

  13. It’s not just humans who can have a Messiah complex

  14. Eric Garner’s Daughter Erica – ” This Is Not a Black And White Issue “

  15. Majority Of Americans Say Race Relations Have Worsened Under Our First “Post Racial” President

  16. Former ELO Guitarist Jailed As Anonymous Hacker

  17. Michael Tomasky’s raging progressive bigotry

  18. ‘I can’t hate on this guy!’ Watch Tim Tebow pay customer layaway balances [photo, video] #MerryChristmas

  19. ‘Looks like a nuke went off’: Massive fire strikes downtown Los Angeles [photos, Vines]

  20. Passions flare in Finland

  21. Oil boom, doom and gloom

  22. Oil illusions and/or delusions – pt 2

  23. Oil illusions and/or delusions

  24. Nuggets – Grow in Grace

  25. Persecution…

  26. Branco Cartoon – Jaw-Dropping

  27. #PoliceLivesMatter too

  28. Glimpse of Big Bear & the Drive Back to Orange County

  29. Scrooge And You And Me

  30. How Do You Get to Heaven?

  31. Silent Sunday?

  32. Town’s display of Christian faith turns tables on atheist attack on Christmas parade: ‘This has backfired on them’

  33. Grow Your Gifts

  34. Quote Of The Day — December 8, 2014

  35. 6 Gitmo Detainees Released & Sent To Uruguay South America

  36. ASSHAT ALERT : With “Friends” Like THIS, Who Needs Enemies ?

  37. Wild Bill: The Skin Color Mafia

  38. Obamacare Gruber: ‘Abortion of marginal children’ a ‘social good’

  39. Obama disses the future King of England…


  41. “Being Hidden: The Makings of a Spiritual Sniper”

  42. I dance. Badly, but I dance

  43. Its Time For Peace – Choose It

  44. When The Bottom Falls Out

  45. Do You See What I See?

  46. Everything looks lifeless——–


  48. Monochrome Monday: Fenix Food Factory

  49. Obamacare + Amnesty = Grab Your Ankles

  50. Quagmire

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