My Article Read (12-7-2014)


newspaper, cup, glasses


  1. Pearl Harbors then and now

  2. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  3. Cats’ letter to Santa

  4. GOP Picks Up 54th Senate Seat As Landrieu Goes Down In Flames

  5. Some SNL Highlights: Elderly Star Wars Heroes & Al Sharpton’s Cold Open 12.6.14

  6. Silence From White House As Bosnian Woman Attacked By Black “Youths” Doesn’t Look Like Obama’s Daughter

  7. Bobby Jindal celebrates Landrieu defeat; Epic butt hurt ensues

  8. Faith Child – “What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?”

  9. Joyous Toons – Lion of Judah

  10. Nuggets – Spiritual Self- condemnation

  11. A Pattern for Prayer

  12. Quote Of The Day — December 7, 2014

  13. Something a little bit different. Religion. And it’s not Muslim.

  14. Eternal Peace

  15. ” A Day Which Will Live In Infamy”.

  16. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Great Escape Artists

  17. The Divider In Chief – President Obama Calls America A “Deeply Rooted” Racist Nation….

  18. The Motives of Rescue…

  19. The bravest Christians in America: Who are they?

  20. DECEMBER 7th 1941….. Inspires a letter to Obama

  21. Sunday respite: ‘Oh come, Emmanuel’

  22. Landrieu down and out

  23. Simple puzzle and examples of my vacation plays

  24. Pearl Harbor…

  25. A Day that will live in infamy…

  26. Report: Obama turned over top Taliban commander to Pakistan…

  27. From Apostle John Eckhardt.. On Prophets

  28. God has the Chisel out!

  29. Saturday Silly


  31. Missed Opportunity

  32. Every kid needs a puppy…

  33. Occidental Students Join Political Campaigns for Credit, Behave Like Stroppy Children

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