My Article Read (12-2-2014) (12-3-2014)




  1. Faith Child – Sharing Experiences – A miracle with God

  2. Nuggets – Our Listening God

  3. “A Place Called Brokenness”

  4. Pastor Voddie Baucham Speaks on Ferguson

  5. Anonymous Sets It’s Sights On Pedophilia In The UK With #OpDeathEaters

  6. Cards Against Humanity Protests Black Friday By Selling 30k Boxes Of Poop

  7. “I Don’t Always Make A Mess … “

  8. Fresno Hell’s Angels Wait In Walmart Line Five Days To Buy 200 Bikes For Toy Drive

  9. A New Day

  10. Americans do not trust Obama

  11. Terrorists Using Birds as Suicide Bombers

  12. No Children Allowed

  13. ‘BS’: Josh Earnest says Obama was just ‘speaking colloquially’ about changing immigration law

  14. The End of the Obama Era

  15. Quote Of The Day — December 2, 2014

  16. The Backlash Is Just Begun

  17. The Name Game

  18. John 18:4-6 (Two Words)

  19. Minister Who Called Out Al Sharpton Has Just One Question for Ferguson Protesters | Video

  20. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  21. Media Playing Catch Up – Louis Head Under Investigation For (More Than Just) Inciting Riot…

  22. Smidgen Alert – IRS/White House Documents Release Anticipated…

  23. You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Comeuppance: Remember Christi O’Conner?

  24. IRS To Audit Jonathan Karl in 3…. 2….. 1…..

  25. Offered Unto You

  26. Early voting trend points to landslide for Cassidy in Louisiana

  27. Ultimatum

  28. Maria Sharapova Surprises Cancer Free Girl

  29. Holder: ‘Racist cops like those in Ferguson ‘Threaten the entire Nation’

  30. Passio Amoris Divini Cantici/A Canticle and Passion to the Divine

  31. White people: get with the program

  32. Absolutely, hands down

  33. Faux step-dad being investigated

  34. How Many Angels In A Host?

  35. Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Drive Out Islam

  36. Is Russia behind the anti-fracking demonstrations?

  37. Andrew Klavan on the Left’s war against liberty

  38. A New Christmas Tradition that Doesn’t Break the Bank

  39. It’s Tuesday…

  40. Surprise: House GOP ready to break campaign promise to fight President Obama’s admin amnesty

  41. Kiss of death: Obama endorses Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) re-election bid

  42. Prophesy Truth even when it hurts

  43. 2015: A Time of Rest (Schmita) to Receive Greater Revelation

  44. Obama’s New Choice for Secretary of Defense Brings a Sigh of Relief Among Many Conservatives

  45. A book of solitude

  46. A Little Honesty for Tuesday

  47. Sunday (Phew! What a Scorcher)

  48. Ferguson – Eyes Open, Case Closed


  1. ‘Bad laws made bad cops’: Did NYC’s cigarette tax lead to Eric Garner’s death?

  2. Michelle Malkin lights up pitiful lib media for yawning at arrest of Obama bundler

  3. It’s all politics, all the time

  4. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  5. And To Think, They Didn’t Need To Buy Soccer Balls or Teddy Bears…

  6. Command Thug, Louis Head, Blames Governor Nixon for Making Him Shout “Burn These Bitches”…

  7. It takes a village

  8. The perils of celebrity

  9. Office holiday party

  10. Quote Of The Day — December 3, 2014

  11. Thought for Today – Dec. 3, 2014

  12. Gowdy Approaches Benghazi Minefield

  13. How Looting and Rioting Lost the Sympathy of the American People

  14. Nuggets – Fear of the Lord

  15. Weariness

  16. Yielded…

  17. Dem’s Reach New Low With “I Hate Tea Parties” Christmas Gift Tumbler

  18. NY Times Reporter Gets “@ThePeoplesCube” Twitter Account Suspended

  19. Anonymous Serves Up A Denial-Of-Service Attack On Ft Over Anti-Homeless Feeding Laws

  20. …And so it begins…

  21. Australia: Tony Abbott spends money on environment, makes Greens shriek in anger

  22. Coffee with a Friend

  23. Hope is What We Hold

  24. NYT: Obamacare Ripping Apart The Democratic Party

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