My Article Read (12-1-2014)




  1. Obama does Ferguson

  2. The Saint Louis Murder of Zemir Begic – Not Random At All…

  3. Motivation Monday: Prove Them Wrong

  4. Nuggets – Five Commands

  5. HE LIFTS US UP: Narcissism… A word I did not know

  6. Dear Father…

  7. ‘SHE IS A CHILD’! Calls for GOP staffer’s head give way to lust over 16-year-old Malia Obama

  8. GoFundMe campaign launched to help family of St. Louis man murdered in hammer attack

  9. We ARE That!

  10. Quote Of The Day — December 1, 2014

  11. Time the black community woke up

  12. Another “Union Success Story” For Dec 1 2014

  13. What’s happened to black character?

  14. Shocker: #Obamacare not shielding consumers from costs

  15. Good News! Iraqi Army has four “ghost divisions”

  16. It’s Time to Come Together

  17. 90 days later

  18. Which way?

  19. Branco Cartoon – Nightmare

  20. When Elizabeth Warren Attacks


  22. All for Good

  23. Afghan Police Shoot Down Avian Suicide Bomber

  24. White Motorist Bludgeoned To Death By Four “Youths” In St Louis

  25. Report: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on Short List To Replace Hagel – Two Johnson Issues The Media Will Never Reveal…

  26. Silent Night

  27. Finally, a CBO proposal you can support…

  28. Pioneering A New Season In Your Life

  29. “Instead of ‘Hands up, Don’t Shoot’ We Should be Lifting Our Hands up in Prayer,” Says Bishop E.W. Jackson, Organizer of National Coalition for Racial Reconciliation

  30. Secret British Military Team Saves Christian Town From ISIS Massacre

  31. The entire Bible in one blog post

  32. Monochrome Monday: Romance in Rotterdam

  33. Melody thou art futile too, what to say

  34. To speak truth, seek truth and write truth

  35. Mike Brown – 7 Steps to 6 Feet Under

  36. Bridging the Gap With Silk Draperies

  37. U.S. Oil Pushes Back Against Anti-American World Powers – Despite Obama

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