My Article Read (11-30-2014)




  1. King Solomon Riddle

  2. ‘Feminists are gross’: People are revolted by new fashion trend [pics]

  3. Coondawg68 creates ‘FANTASTIC’ caption for Seattle protest photo

  4. Joyful ‘Toons – Fighter

  5. Pray for Myanmar children ministry

  6. Rappin’ with God… or Not

  7. Since Obamacare passed, record number of Americans delaying treatment

  8. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  9. 3 Ways To Bring Back The Holiday Spirit

  10. Bomb threat: American Airlines Flight 67 Barcelona deplaned at JFK [photos]

  11. Usurper In Chief – Obama Studied Law To Subvert Law, Not Enforce It…

  12. First Sunday of Advent

  13. Australian Man Sets Guinness Record With 1.2 Million Bulb Christmas Display

  14. Sony Hacking Scandal Grows To Include Personal & Financial Data And Movies

  15. On Rooftops of Ferguson, Volunteers — With Guns

  16. Report: 21 US Cities Restrict Sharing Food with Homeless People

  17. Trouble in paradise: Joe Biden joins list of Dems ‘ticked off’ with Obama

  18. Enough with The Ferguson Pandering

  19. Quote Of The Day — November 30, 2014

  20. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Leno & Laberge

  21. Something A Bit Lighter.

  22. Sunday Respite: Handel’s Messiah – Comfort ye my people

  23. Oil boom, doom and gloom

  24. Love’s Sacrifice

  25. Strange: Obama’s EEOC is suing companies for complying with #Obamacare…

  26. Turkey, lights, a tree, and no time for blogging

  27. The Lord’s Warning to His Church

  28. D.C. Whispers: Barack Obama “Isolated, Insolent, & Inebriated”

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