My Article Read (11-29-2014)




  1. ‘Mostly peaceful’ protesters laugh after SF officer struck by thrown barrier [Vine]

  2. ‘Oh the irony’: Protesters in Ferguson chant in favor of ‘communist revolution’ [Vine]

  3. Breaking News: Iberia Airlines (Spain’s National Airline) partners with Rescue Christians to save Iraqi Orphans

  4. Righteous Militia Slaughters Thirty Muslim Jihadists who try to Invade Their Village

  5. This is what a BACKLASH Looks Like

  6. Who are the children of wrath?

  7. Nuggets – We are His image

  8. Nightmares

  9. Father Deals with Daughter’s Pimp with Baseball Bat

  10. A Return to Christ in Ferguson

  11. The Splendor of His Glory

  12. Happy Caturday

  13. Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

  14. Race Baiters Hate Conservatives Who Support Black Woman Whose Business was Attacked

  15. Missouri lt. governor calls for arrest of Michael Brown’s stepfather for inciting to riot

  16. ‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ Rallying cry finally called a BIG LIE, where’s apology from media, Juan Williams?

  17. Mother gives up her own life to save her unborn child

  18. Black Ferguson Residents Arm Themselves and Descend Upon White-Owned Business — The Reason Why Is Front Page Worthy / The Blaze

  19. Barack Obama -vs- The United States Constitution

  20. Westchester DA Seeks New Grand Jury To Indict David Carlson Of Shooting Death Of Fugitive Rapist

  21. The DeAndre Joshua Murder

  22. Pigs Fly – No, Really, Pigs Fly – Well, Almost…

  23. Washington Post Figured This Out All On Their Own…

  24. Quote Of The Day — November 29, 2014

  25. Obama to Atone for Legacy of Racial Discrimination with Reparations Decree?

  26. Getting Ready For The Big Push??

  27. Obama admits changing the law

  28. What’s the definition of “In fact”?

  29. MLK alive and living in Ferguson…not

  30. Since Michael Brown’s death, 981 Black babies have been aborted in Missouri

  31. A Few words about the attack you are facing

  32. To All Those Who Suffer Mental Illness Take Heart!

  33. Converge?!

  34. American Thanksgiving – What Am I Thankful For?

  35. IRS illegally gave up to 2500 taxpayer documents to White House?

  36. The Burden of the Prophetic Rebuke

  37. A few not so good reasons why people don’t go to church

  38. The Days Ahead in 2015

  39. Get off the log! (Again)

  40. Bah Humbug?

  41. Somebody is listening to too much classic rock

  42. Logical?

  43. Why I despise Public Education

  44. Obamacare does NOTHING and that’s no surprise.

  45. Tears not all the same

  46. If theft victims were treated like rape victims.

  47. Oh, FFS!

  48. ‘Sheriff Clarke doesn’t mince words.’

  49. Think you da man, brother?

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