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  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Rush Limbaugh On Obama’s Grand Jury Remarks: Designed To “Feed The Rage”…

  3. First Pro-Truth Witness Murdered? Or, Just Trying To Get To Dorian? DeAndre Joshua, 20, found dead yards from scene of Michael Brown’s death..

  4. Andrew Klavan: How the Media See the Midterms

  5. Another social justice standoff on W. Florissant in Ferguson; National Guard on scene [Vine]

  6. CNN’s Cuomo deletes misspelled protest sign pic after backlash [photo]

  7. #Immigration: Going off script, Obama admits he usurped power

  8. #Immigration: Congress *can* defund Obama’s executive order

  9. Missouri Lieutenant Governor: OBAMA ORDERED FERGUSON TO BURN « Pat Dollard

  10. The GRAND JURY are the Heroes and our PRESIDENT is a RACIST

  11. Nuggets – True Christian Fellowship

  12. Behind Closed Doors

  13. Ferguson is about Entitlement, Not about Justice

  14. Sometimes The Fishermen Win … Sometimes They Don’t … 10 LOL Videos

  15. Thousands Of Documents Leave Trail From IRS To White House

  16. Amidst The Orgy Of Arson And Looting That Characterized Ferguson’s “Justice” Protests A Lone , Courageous Woman Stands Her Ground

  17. Giving Thanks From The International Space Station

  18. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Togetherness

  20. Thought for Today – Nov. 26, 2014

  21. Quote Of The Day — November 26, 2014

  22. A Hardnox And Friends Public Service Announcement. Or, Don’t Be Clyde

  23. Two heads are better than one

  24. Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers

  25. Ferguson’s Lesson: The Police Will Not Protect You

  26. Conservative professor Mike Adams on the decline of Campus Crusade

  27. Welcome to the World, Amelia Rose Branco

  28. One Wish and One Prayer

  29. Keep Careful Watch

  30. Since Michael Brown died, 244 Teenagers Have Been Shot In Chicago

  31. New terms for old protest

  32. The graffiti bridge

  33. ‘Tis An Ugly Season

  34. EXCLUSIVE: Benghazi Now a COVER-UP by both Democrats and Republicans

  35. Witness the end of Ferguson…

  36. Terry Bennett Ministries – A report from the Prayer Front

  37. Ferguson

  38. My conversion story or, the day I went insane

  39. Air Force TV Ad Says It All By Which Presidents It Quotes, and Who It Leaves Out.

  40. The Beauty Parlour

  41. Ferguson – Too Much PC…Not Enough Ranch Dressing

  42. Forty-Six And Her

  43. In light of Ferguson, this repost of something I wrote in October is meaningful.. Please read the whole thing

  44. Consider Butt Kicked


  46. We Can Change the World

  47. From Lance Wallnau

  48. This is HONOR

  49. ‘Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness’

  50. Barack Obama Built This, And We Must Tear It Down…


  1. Sarah Silverman: Thanksgiving is all about genocide and ‘greed at all costs’

  2. RIP ‘Comrade Scott’: Tweeters mourn the loss of one of their own

  3. Quote Of The Day — November 27, 2014

  4. Bad as It Is, Be Thankful, and Vigilant

  5. Politicians and Media Incite Violence in Ferguson

  6. What I am thankful for today

  7. Nuggets – Power of the Holy Spirit

  8. Thanksgiving

  9. HE LIFTS US UP: Thank You!!

  10. Holiday Juggling

  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Obamacare Lawsuit Will be Heard on December 2nd

  13. You can just shoot them

  14. Surviving That “Progressive” Thanksgiving Dinner Table Conversation

  15. Ted Nugent’s unfiltered response, ‘lessons from Ferguson,’ as real as it gets: ‘Well, well, well!’

  16. Happy Thanksgiving

  17. #Ferguson as a Democrat civil war?

  18. in the background

  19. To Give Thanks

  20. Take Time to Reflect

  21. Senate Dems form circular firing squad over Obamacare, tax reform

  22. The Glory Of The Gospel

  23. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  24. BREAKING – FBI: Saint Louis Black Panther Explosives Plot Involved Bombing Gateway Arch, Killing Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and Police Chief Tom Jackson…

  25. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  26. Just a friendly reminder

  27. The First Thanksgiving

  28. Pessimists and optimists

  29. From Lukewarm Follower to Romantic Lover: My Journey Back to God

  30. Wishing all my Patriot Friends a Happy Thanksgiving

  31. Thanksgiving…

  32. Officer Darren Wilson’s attorney says Darren Wilson is resigning and may leave law enforcement permanently…

  33. Prophetic Truth can be Painful

  34. A Shift is Coming: the Will of The Lord be Done!

  35. Hate and Division: Prayer for the Nation and the World

  36. Top Ten Indonesia’s Dishes to Try

  37. Corruption and Decay in Darkest England

  38. Receiving Joy

  39. A list of Liberal Values.. and how stupid they really are

  40. My Thanksgiving Confession

  41. Bullshit.


  1. Nuggets – The Heavens Declare

  2. A Dance of Two Armies – SoS Saturday

  3. HE LIFTS US UP: Thank You!!

  4. “Big Man Syndrome”…

  5. The odd joys of government lunacy

  6. Quote Of The Day — November 28, 2014

  7. N & F Trivia : “Black Friday “

  8. Friday Feel Good Story

  9. An Open Letter to Our Readers

  10. He Picked On the Wrong Fat Kid

  11. CNN holds morning meeting to decide what viewers should panic about for rest of day

  12. Recognizing the Glory

  13. Man Charged with Felony for Pointing a Banana at Police

  14. White House threatens veto of bipartisan tax cut bill for small businesses

  15. Pardoning a Turkey is Not Like Amnesty

  16. A Collection Of Black Friday Shopping Video Idiocy … LOL

  17. Brother To Ferguson Protesters: “I Gotta Get To Work Homey” … Viral Video

  18. Earthly Possessions

  19. #NotOneDime, #StopTheParade and the failure of Ferguson hashtag activism

  20. NFL star’s Christian take on Ferguson goes viral: ‘Not a SKIN problem, it is a SIN problem’

  21. CNN investigates autopsy assistant hired by Michael Brown family: A ‘fraud’ and ‘a con artist’

  22. Road rage like no other: Explain THIS to your friends!

  23. You’ll Never Believe This…. (Part 4)

  24. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  25. Something Worth Following Up On….

  26. #Ferguson looters caught on camera trying to BURN DOWN convenience store, HEROIC patron puts it out

  27. Rules For White Skinned Mike Brown Supporters – Aka: Know Your Place Crackers and Bitches….

  28. Smidgen Alert! – Pending IRS Scandal Details Soon To Surface…

  29. Unarmed White Teen Gunned Down by Black Cop… Where’s the Outrage?

  30. Sci-fi and the Obamanation of America

  31. Black Friday

  32. Street art in Queens

  33. Wild Bill: Do not despair…

  34. After downsizing children’s school lunches, Michelle Obama has six kinds of pie for Thanksgiving…

  35. News you may have missed: Church attended by Michael Brown family burned Monday night…

  36. Tales from the Prophetic

  37. Franklin Graham Sees God’s Spirit Moving Amid Disturbing Times

  38. HBO is So Scared About Their Upcoming Religion Documentary, They’re Hiring 160 Lawyers

  39. This 12-Year-Old Boy’s Rendition of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at an NFL Game Brought Down the House

  40. Housekeeping

  41. Chapter Sixty-Six: Our Father

  42. Unimpressed Wabbit:

  43. End of the road

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