My Article Read (11-25-2014)




  1. Cleanup begins in Ferguson, Mo. [photos, Vine]

  2. Inspirational: Reader sends check to owner of Ferguson barber shop targeted by rioters [photos]

  3. ‘Race baiting’ NY Daily News ‘mock up’ cover with ‘KILLER COP GOES FREE’ headline goes viral

  4. In case you missed it, Michelle Malkin NAILED Obama on his outrageous and enraging Ferguson response

  5. One Woman Gets It … Protestors Are Destroying Ferguson

  6. Want Job Security ? Become A Federal Bureaucrat … Accountability Is As Rare As Transparency In Obamaworld

  7. Images To Be Proud Of … Ferguson Protesters Engage In Arson , Looting , Shooting … In The Name Of “Justice”

  8. Where is the outrage in the black community for black-on-black crimes?

  9. A description of God simplified

  10. Nuggets – For Ever and Ever…

  11. Do Not Judge…

  12. Quote Of The Day — November 25, 2014

  13. Justice Prevails In Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

  14. Free Speech vs Hot Air.

  15. Justified Shooting, Unjustified Violence

  16. The Grand Jury Decision: What is Next for Ferguson?

  17. Maryland Pols Bribe Churches to Preach State Propaganda

  18. Teacher Tells Child Her Mother is Not Her Teacher

  19. Clinton Ally and Donor Investigated for Spying on US for Foreign Enemy

  20. Dems bust the BS meter

  21. Ferguson store with revolving door

  22. John 18:1-2 (The Spot)

  23. Odd ball photos

  24. A Matter of Perspective

  25. Most-hated senator was right

  26. Why Obama is no longer president

  27. Thirty years of innovation

  28. Operating in Awe

  29. A Nation that Lives off of Lies

  30. #Ferguson and the racists of the Congressional Black Caucus

  31. #Ferguson: How about justice for these victims?

  32. #ISIS: Rand Paul’s declaration of war

  33. Never Lose Hope in the Lord! Trust Him!

  34. Al Sharpton On Ferguson: “Before You Think This Is Over, Remember What Happened In Rodney King”…

  35. Democrats are Shocked, Shocked – Nixon, Dooley and Slay Watched It Burn – While The Mayor Begged For Help…

  36. Rodgers faux Benghazi report and his wife’s Defense interests

  37. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

  38. 5 Shades of Trump

  39. Nothing honors a dead thug more than stealing a big screen TV…

  40. No True Bill in Ferguson…

  41. Rioting Fail: Majority of businesses burned in Ferguson were minority owned…

  42. A concerned reader worries about my mental health

  43. OCD and the horrible evil of record blog traffic

  44. Clay Works

  45. Jo Ellen Stevens ~ A Night Vision Of This New Year 2015 ~

  46. Leading Dem Makes Startling Admission About Obamacare That Might Be What 2016 Is All About

  47. Duck Dynasty ‘Princess’ Sadie Channels Mario Bros to Kick Off Finals With a Perfect Score

  48. Frosting the Dog

  49. Oysterlings, Tremella and Puffballs (and a spore print)

  50. NO INDICTMENT!! Ferguson Lynch Mob Riots!!

  51. Nothing Available…

  52. Corruption, unhidden:

  53. Francis Porretto on Ferguson, and more:

  54. Spiked Author: Yes Abortion Kills A Baby But Is Trumped By A Woman’s Choice

  55. “King vs Burwell” – The Case That Will Destroy Obamacare

  56. Eric Holder Let Ferguson Burn – So Says City Mayor

  57. Ferguson in Flames

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