My Article Read (11-24-2014)




  1. Nuggets – The Power of a Sound Mind

  2. Members of the body of Christ – 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

  3. Crying Out in Pain

  4. Truth-boom! RESOLVED: GOP bests Obama on Hagel ouster with just 4 words, flashbacks

  5. Let’s face it

  6. Nice little Constitution you got there

  7. Obama rebukes Gruber: voters are not that stupid

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. Why So Serious? Can Conservatives Do Viral, and Funny Political Video?

  10. The Wheels On The Bus Go Thump-Thump-Thump: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel FIRED !!…

  11. John 17:22-23 (Glory Given)

  12. Pleasure and wisdom of eating (includes quotes)

  13. Colourful?!

  14. “We Don’t Give a F*** About Your Laws”

  15. When SNL Skewers President Obama the End is Near

  16. Semantics spin denied! Greta Van Susteren has a key question for WH on Hagel ouster

  17. ‘Obama admin shakeup going further?’ Josh Earnest ‘wouldn’t be surprised’

  18. Radical Animal Rights Activists Hold a Funeral…for a Frozen Chicken…in a Grocery Store

  19. Grand jury reaches decision in case of Ferguson officer

  20. The Deceitfulness Of Sin

  21. The Simple Way

  22. The Clearest Picture Of Mercury Ever Taken

  23. 7 Life Hacks That Could Enhance Your Chances Of Survival

  24. Days Old Baby Abandoned In Sydney Storm Drain Found Alive

  25. Daily Editorial Cartoon 11.24.14

  26. Autumn End

  27. SCOTUS tackles free speech vs. true threats in Facebook posts

  28. Branco Cartoon – America Held Hostage

  29. The FCC is ready to get sued over Net Neutrality

  30. Dems warn backers: Obama could go to prison!

  31. Seek to Sow

  32. Circa ’70, John Wayne, and Playboy

  33. FISA Judge: ‘If Americans don’t know they are being spied on, no harm’

  34. Thought For Today – November 24, 2014

  35. Quote Of The Day – November 24, 2014

  36. The Price the Founding Fathers had to pay for Our Freedom

  37. The Black Conservative: Dr. Anthony Bradley – When the Church Was the Center

  38. Obama sets off on scorched-earth rampage

  39. Peaceful Fog

  40. Mental Illness Will Take Flight In the Life!

  41. Things I don’t care about…

  42. Graham On New House Intel Committee Report On #Benghazi: “Full Of Crap”

  43. Sending an innocent man to prison is the right thing to do

  44. Monochrome Monday: The Colonnades

  45. Ferguson Rioters are NOT in the Zone

  46. Baby Jesus’s Little Sister

  47. How to understand the Legality of What President Obama did in Amnesty

  48. This for me is why it all makes sense.

  49. These two men are heroes.. God Bless them.

  50. We can all make a difference

  51. Tis the Season … Bless this good man

  52. Not Finishing Well

  53. Yet another!

  54. ‘Black Out The Blackers-Out

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