My Article Read (11-20-2014)




  1. Boom! On ‘Kelly File,’ Ted Cruz nutshells Obama’s immigration order with ONE truth-snark

  2. Maddening summary of Obama’s executive amnesty? Iowahawk has tomorrow’s headline today

  3. Voices

  4. Who’s To Blame?

  5. Senator predicts a firestorm that could lead to violence

  6. Special Post: Prayer for Ferguson

  7. Nuggets – Godly Derision and Wrath

  8. Have You Ever Felt Destroyed… Like Rubble in a Pile?

  9. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  10. Pakistani Terror Cell “OpFerguson” Instructing Saint Louis Antagonists To Target Police Helicopters and Surveillance…

  11. Saint Louis Mayor Will Permit Limited Amount of Riots, Arson and Looting, But Murder Will Probably Be Frowned Upon…

  12. White House Did Not Ask For English Speaking Broadcast Coverage For Tonight’s “Immigration Executive Order” Speech…

  13. Hiding from the Face of God Through Sin

  14. College Basketball Coach & Father To 14

  15. Thought For Today – November 20, 2014

  16. Quote Of The Day — November 20, 2014

  17. Let the Race Begin

  18. Armed Citizen Stops Robbery

  19. American Stupidity Is Escapism & Wishful Thinking, Not Lack of Intelligence

  20. ✞ Music “I want Jesus to walk with me” by Eric Bibb

  21. Follow Close After The Lord

  22. Raising a Flag of Surrender at the National Cathedral

  23. A Regular Guy Not the Media Found Gruber Video Clips about Obamacare

  24. Liberalism’s Last Days in America

  25. Human Rights Campaign co-founder Terry Bean arrested for sex crime with 15-year-old

  26. Perspective

  27. Branco Cartoon – Poisoning The Well

  28. ‘Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare’: Punishment demanded for school official’s racist re-tweet

  29. In a ‘slap in the face’ to cops, Holder removes death penalty from 4 alleged cop killers

  30. Fired-up Ted Cruz tells Megyn Kelly his plans to ‘reign in a despotic executive’

  31. Thank you, Mr. President

  32. Turley: ‘Obama tears at the very fabric of our Constitution’

  33. Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise

  34. K5 Robocops Take To The Streets In California

  35. Gunman Killed , Three Students Wounded At FSU

  36. Will Executive Amnesty Be Fort Sumter 2.0 ?

  37. Mike Rowe Rebuts Liberal Fan’s Statement That “It Is Impossible To Be A Christian, And Vote Republican”

  38. Roger Kimball On The Democratic Death Wish

  39. King Solomon’s “Really Wise” Clues

  40. Mr. Obama, tear down this law!

  41. John 17:20-21 (One)

  42. Quote of the Day: “Obama’s imperial transformation is now complete”

  43. Barack C. Calhoun, nullifier

  44. Which way?

  45. Is Ted Cruz telling the truth?…

  46. Megyn Kelly: Compilation of President Ribbon Cutter of the purple lips saying he can’t do what he’s going to do…

  47. Starting Thursday off right with Trey Gowdy…

  48. Interesting: NSA officials had the same concerns Snowden did about their collecting all your phone records…

  49. God Is Using His Worshippers to Bring Peace in Ferguson Ahead of Friday’s Ruling: “We don’t know what you’re doing, but when you do it the atmosphere changes… thank you!”

  50. ‘Dad, I think we need to wash your mouth out with soap!’

  51. You will Walk as many did in the Days of Old

  52. Ohio Parent Calls Out School District’s Horribly Mistaken ‘Government Gives Us Rights’ Citizenship Handout

  53. Good Mud

  54. I’m stupid by nature !

  55. Amnesty – Obama Was Either Lying Then or He’s Lying Now

  56. Living in the Shadow

  57. Turtle Soup

  58. I asked yesterday if there was a superior culture on the earth. I got some interesting answers.

  59. This guy needs a pack of cigarettes and a six pack bad

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