My Article Read (11-18-2014) (11-19-2014)




  1. ‘Wow. Just wow.’: Pelosi won’t let pregnant vet Duckworth vote by proxy, doesn’t get the ‘fuss’

  2. Unbelievable! Was this horrible Jerusalem terror attack CNN graphic a gaffe or foul bias? [photo]

  3. Four killed in attack on Jerusalem synagogue

  4. Sin defined (a biblical perspective)

  5. Nuggets – Renewing of the Holy Spirit

  6. Life is Not Easy…with Struggles Every Day

  7. My New Rebus Photography Blog

  8. Grieving God’s Heart

  9. Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

  10. 80 Year-Old Farmer “Protected & Served” Until He Was Black & Blue

  11. Jonathan Gruber Gets The “Remy” Treatment … LOL

  12. “Dogs Do Speak , But Only To Those That Know How To Listen”

  13. Youth take pro-life message to the street

  14. Forewarnings of midterms

  15. Obama and Cair hit same note on Kassig

  16. Obama tells Ferguson “stay on course”

  17. Today’s achievement


  19. Liberal Reporters Want President Obama to Squeeze Americans

  20. Liberal Gun Control Hypocrites Who Use Guns

  21. Yazidi girls who managed to escape Islamic State tell their stories

  22. Quote Of The Day — November 18, 2014

  23. Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets

  24. Andrew Napalitano: Middle Finger to the GOP

  25. GOP War on Women Turns into Dem Nightmare

  26. Without Integrity and Courage, the Media is Useless

  27. The Beating of Your Heart

  28. Our prayers are with the Victor Davis Hanson Family

  29. Navy veteran FIRED after posting pictures of mass government DHS vehicles parked at hotel near Ferguson

  30. When Weakness is Strength

  31. Funny Headlines In The News

  32. Quote of The Day

  33. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  34. Politically challenged?

  35. Why Religious Vocations are on the Decline in the United States

  36. Susannah Merry Hanson 1986-2014…

  37. Leaving it ALL behind to Follow Him

  38. A really good word

  39. As Muslim Guest Speaker Chants “Allahu Akbar” From Pulpit of Washington National Cathedral, Christian Protestor Shouts “Christ is Our Lord!”

  40. Outrage Over IRS Undercover Agents Posing as Members of the Clergy to Gather Information

  41. Jesus is either…

  42. Ferguson Protest Leader Returns from ‘F*** the Police’ Rally & Gets Smacked with Hard Dose of Karma

  43. Duck Dynasty Duckling Sadie Dances Her Way Into Final Round With Routine That Stays True to Herself

  44. Man Pretends To Abuse Woman in an Elevator, and the Results Are Nothing Like They Expected

  45. I’m not anyone’s delight———

  46. Ferguson Prepares for a Decision – Part 1 of 2

  47. Ferguson Prepares for a Decision – Part 2 of 2

  48. Better Than That…


  50. More of this needed.

  51. An appalling betrayal:


  1. Thought For Today – November 19, 2014

  2. Quote Of The Day — November 19, 2014

  3. Talk About Jumping Ship.

  4. J. D. Pendry, Retired Sergeant Major, USMC: “On Your Hands”

  5. What Gift Shall I Give?

  6. Lead lawyer suing Obama gives electrifying speech that every American needs to hear!

  7. St. Louis mayor caves to rioters pre-riot demands; ‘free rein’ for Ferguson protesters

  8. Claim: ‘the pause’ is caused by small volcanic eruptions

  9. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  10. BREAKING: Saint Louis (Ferguson) Grand Jury Will Meet On Friday For Final Presentation of Evidence…

  11. Priorities – Mike Brown Body Lays In Unmarked Grave As Parents Jet Set Around Making Money off His Death….

  12. John 8:27-30 (Lifted)

  13. John 8:23-26 (Of This World)

  14. Project Cat Therapy: Take Your Stress Away Now

  15. Buffalo Bills RB Special Family Moment In Snow Storm

  16. Nurse Battles For Ebola Patients & Family

  17. We had to improvise!

  18. Nuttier than squirrel food

  19. Obama on synagogue terrorism

  20. Pass the popcorn: DNC asks how they can ‘do better in future elections’

  21. Put an End to Your Regrets!

  22. Vote Tally Count Senate votes down restriction to NSA Data Spying

  23. Keystone Pipeline – We have just been Grubbered

  24. Classic movies changed to not be sexist

  25. Happy anniversary, Mickey and Minnie

  26. Nuggets – The Active Power of Faith

  27. HE LIFTS US UP: The Obedience of Mary

  28. Suffering…

  29. Finding Yourself in Loneliness

  30. Christian Living

  31. Israel Lifts Restrictions On Guns In Wake Of Deadly Palestinian Attack On Synagogue

  32. See the Timeline of Events as Russia/China Prepare for World War lll

  33. Feeling My Heart Beat

  34. Wiped…

  35. A Vision of Days to Come

  36. No Place To Grab

  37. Franklin Graham Takes Hard Stand against Muslim Prayer in Washington Cathedral

  38. Majestic Manta Rays

  39. D.C. WHISPERS: Obama Dares America – “Come And Get Me”

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